LV spring/summer

  1. oh wow.. LV is coming up with suede bag? :nuts:

    I am excited... and yet indifferent.. as i love LV but dislike suede materials.. :lol:
  2. Don't love it, maybe in person it'll be different.
  3. I wish there was a bigger picture of the bag. Add this one to my list for 06'!
  4. Has anyone else watched the Spring/Summer 2006 fashion show thats on One of the songs played during the fashion show is the Spongebob Squarepants theme song- its really funny to see these serious fashion models walking to that song :lol:

  5. Looks good :biggrin: I have bad luck with suede though, damn it! I might buy it though, definitely looks interesting.
  6. Really ? That's hilarious, I will have to check that out ! :nuts:
  7. omg! you're right!! lol, the music for the entire show was...interesting...haha especially the song that followed the spongebob squarepants theme song...the sneezing song?? :lol:
  8. I thought I saw a pic of Gisele for an LV print ad somewhere....
  9. Yeah- that one was funny, too!! Achoo Achoo
  10. Ooh, I found a website w/the entire music from the S/S LV Women's fashion show. Email me if you want the MP3 - its so funny.
  11. not a fan of the purse....looks like something you owuld find in target....
  12. :lol: From nelly's " it's getting hot in heere" to sponge bob sg. pants theme song....then " Happy to sneeze" hahaha I was hopping around when the sneeze song came on...
  13. I would love it....then I can drive around with it...
  14. Just PM me w/your email address and I'll send it to you.