LV Spring/Summer 2011 360-Degree Fashion Show

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    Anyone watching? :yahoo: It's on live at 8:30am US Eastern Time (in about an hour) and the 360-degree show is available from 2:00pm ET, so 5.5 hours later. If you have an iPad/iPhone, you can also watch from! I'm excited to play with the 360 views! :P
  2. I came home early today specifically to get ahead on some uni coursework... and now that I've seen the LV facebook page advertising this, I'm desperate to watch it live! :-s Oh dear.
  3. Uhhh... I was disappointed.
  4. I was not able to see the show live. What did the bags look like?
  5. Was anyone able to attend? Any good bags coming for spring??
  6. Ditto... no big bags???? At all??? :sad:
  7. They were all small clutches. Lot's of patent if I remember correctly. There was one small shoulder style (basically, it was a clutch with a strap) with a cheap-looking gold string as the shoulder strap. That was it. No luggage, no totes, no Vernis, no Speedy. Nothing :crybaby:
  8. lots of clutches, glitter ball, mostly small bags.

    high slit skirts, love the fans though....
  9. I love the sash belts & some of the clutches.

    The 360 degree view show starts in 2 hrs time.
  10. Eva: I am super sleepy right now... think I'll miss the show and wait for pic update. So far, I have yet to see any bag I need to have.
  11. Is this show all inclusive of what they will be releasing for spring/summer or just like a sneak peek?
  12. I'm loving all the pinks and purples.
  13. Myeh, I was so excited to see this collection after loving Marc's own collection in NY. I'm not feeling this though, I don't think any of the RTW is very wearable unlike what's currently in stores from the previous F/W collection and the bags don't look all that great either. I'm pretty disappointed, though I can't say that my wallet is!
  14. Not impressed, not feeling the excitement like I did when I saw the LV/RP show! Like the sash belts. Not impressed by the RTW, shoes or bags. Didn't like the music & stage. I did like the 360-degree aspect of the show.
  15. I love the dresses with that cobalt/royal blue combined with the tiger prints -- stunning! I also loved some of the oriental-inspired coats and jackets. But I agree with the others, it was kind of blah and there was just too much things going on that you can't focus on one piece anymore. I didn't like the models' make-up too.