LV spring/summer 2006 preview invitation

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  1. Received it last week. Decided not to go.

    1) can someone else use my invitation card to get in?
    2) if yes, anyone living in las vegas wanna go? Its this saturday. 12.00pm - 7.00 pm collection and modelling preview.
  2. Oh man! I wish I was in Las Vegas. I would love to go but oh well... :biggrin: Why aren't you going?
  3. I have never been jealous of anything in my life ( there is a first for everything) LOL!
  4. Superbaby how nice of you! If I saw this post earlier, I would've convinced my boyfriend to vacation in vegas instead of LA, too bad we already booked the hotel =((
  5. Oh i am sorry. I should have posted earlier. Have been busy at work. :sad:
  6. Oh I wish it was for end of April when I will be there. Do you live in vegas? (would you give any local advise via pm?)
  7. That is so nice of you!I hope someone got to use that!
  8. so nice of you to offer and so lucky u got the invite :lol:........wish i lived in vegas :sad2:
  9. Aww, my bro and his friends are going to vegas this weekend but they didn't include me! :cry: Maybe next time? Thx.
  10. SuperBaby,
    Why don't you post this on the General Forum? Maybe more people will see it?

    Good Luck and I hope you find some LUCKY person to go!
  11. There are a few Vegas girls on this forum (SinCity?) and another...

    That's nice of you! I'm in Vegas a lot, but not this weekend. Bummer!
  12. you should go!!
  13. I catch a cold and i want to rest during the weekend.. Thats why i am not going and that's why i posted a last minute notice. :cry:

    Anyway, the store called me, to see if i am going. I told the store that i might not be going but my friend (my purse forum friends) might be interested. It shan't be a problem if anyone here wants to go. :amuse:

    PM me by saturday noon, if anyone wants to go. So i can call the store and let them know your name on the list. :idea:
  14. Sure. Just pm me with questions. I'll be happy to answer you.
  15. I'm coming in April as well, but Easter weekend. My in-laws got us tickets to O, Ka, and Le Reve. Have you been to any of those shows? I'm excited!