Lv Spring/summer 07 Preview Ads

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  1. I have just come accross these fabulous Louis Vuitton SPRING/SUMMER 07 PREVIEW ADS, they are gorgeous, Gemma Ward looks Beautiful!

    84647_DSCN5062_122_330lo.jpg 84653_DSCN5063_122_516lo.jpg
  2. i wonder how much those will cost?
  3. The speedy is hottttt!!!
  4. I want the speedy! What is it...nomade? Anyone have any info?
  5. look at the speeeeeeeeedy :drool:
  6. Hmm, looks like Nomade. If so, they're both $2,200 (elux.)
  7. They're on the website& they are not a preview.
  8. awesome....thanks!
  9. Nomade speedy and lockit..HOT!
  10. wow she is more hot than the actual bags haha .. thanks for sharing :smile:
  11. Damn...she's HOT!
  12. These ads are amazing... I am so putting these up on my wall. :P
  13. Ohhhhhhhh that speeeeeedy!!!
  14. I love the nomade speedy :love:
  15. Nomade is gorgeous but so easily scratched!