LV Spring Summer 07 collection

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  1. Has anyone any pictures on the Tinkerbell Polkadots Panama that is in this range? My mom is bugging me to get it for her before I go home in the summer, she claims it's limited edition and what not.

    Can anyone tell me what's so special about this bag? I tired looking for photos on the LV website, but the pictures for that particular section don't seem to work.

    Thanks heaps guys!

    I'm off to Spain soon and I wonder if LV will be cheaper there than in the UK? Any thoughts? Or any designer bag for that matter.
  2. I think that bag is one of the bags from Runway Spring/Summer 2007, if that is the case then it's a limited edition bag.

    Even if that bag is not part of the runway collections, it will still be at least seasonal bag.

    Sorry no pic, but you can go to your local LV and ask them for Women's Spring/Summer Runway catalog for free.
  3. Check out the thread in my signature about the spring summer review most pics are in there. These are limited edtion and I think you may have a hard time getting it if not waitlisted but I could be wrong
  4. is this the one?
  5. Please check the Louis Vuitton Reference Library. There are a few threads with pics of all the S/S 07. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.