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  1. ladies please answer this for me, do any LV speedys have the four gold prongs on the bottom. I can not remember. I know the old one I have does not, but did they make the new ones or any speedy with the gold prongs on the 4 corners
    I have a friend who claims she got the bag from the store and its real, I have my susp.- I dont care either way- she was bragging way to much.. my eyebrows just raised up..
  2. The multicolour ones have (I think)
  3. No LV speedies do not have the 4 gold prongs(feet) at the bottom. I know the MC speedy has gold hardware on the corners. If she has a mono or damier or epi there should be nothing at the bottom.
  4. LV speedys do NOT have feet at the bottom. If there are feet at the bottom, it is a fake.
  5. I have owned many a speedy and not one has prongs on the bottom! :sad:
  6. Authentic LV speedies do not have any sort of hardware on the bottom. Authentic MC speedies have brass hardware on the corners, with no feet. Certain special edition almas had feet on the bottom. Your friend's bag could be suspect...
  7. I don't know what you mean by "prongs" since my only translation is "the things that the deers have on the top of their heads". The only speedy I know with gold "things" on the 4 corners is the multicolour... but yeah, if you mean feet then NO, I don't know any.
  8. I have a mono, epi, and a Damier Azur. All purchased thsi year. No feet or prongs.
  9. yeah i mean feet.. i could not think of the word at the time I was typing.. thanks all you have confirmed what I initially thought about the bag being poor thang- she think she fooling someone..
  10. ruh-roh! Your 'friend' is a liar wearing a fake! Unless it was a gift and she is convinced it's real bec. of that reason. The truth is a fake w/ feet is not even a very 'good' fake, it's not even trying to be real looking like some of the triple AAA fake I have seen in the speedy style. On eBay there were some triple AAA fake speedy where you have to do a double take and count stitches and note certain things are wrong, but it sounds like she has a very obvious fake, yuck to any fakes!
  11. Nope, as everyone said, no feet.
  12. nope no feet. however I know that did take your mono speedy to a leather repair shop and had 4 feet placed on the bottom of the bag.
  13. Why would she even lie to you about something like that.. like you wouldn't find out?
  14. Eiw. i hope she doesn't carry that one day when you guys hang out. how embarrrassing would that be. lol. if she does, bring her to the louis store so they can throw her out. :biggrin:
  15. Nope. No feet on LV speedys. Hers is definitely a fake.
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