LV Speedy vs. Coach Legacy Satchel

  1. Hi....I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, but I'm having a dilemma about whether or not to buy the new Coach Legacy satchel or a Speedy 30? Beleive it or not, the speedy is less money. The Coach I am looking at cost $700. It's all leather and a timeless style, but should I even bother investing in it or would I be better off with the speedy-Or should I buy both....My thinking is since the speedy is timeless, it will be around forever and therefore I can buy that anytime, but the Coach is a limited edition (I beleive) and maybe I should get that now? My friends think I'm crazy to spend so much on a Coach....what are your thoughts?? :confused1:
  2. speedy. coach changes too much.
  3. I saw that Coach bag, too! While I love LV...I vote for the Coach (even though I know other people will disagree with me on this board!). The bag is a limited edition and it's all-leather. A speedy would be nice, too but I see way too many of those, and I think I'm getting tired of it (a damier, however, is in consideration...). If you still want the LV, you can get it any time; I don't think it's a style that will go away.
  4. If you post this at coach forum, you will get coach vote..

    I am not fan of coach..I vote for speedy..
    For non monogram coach, normally you can find it at outlet eventually. It's one of the reason why I don't like coach.I will kick myself if I find out my bag is on sale after paid full retail $$
  5. Speedy. As far as I know, it's much better quality, and it's more timeless.
  6. Speedy!!!
  7. I vote for the speedy. I'm not a fan of Coach.
  8. My vote goes with the Speedy...I think that the style will be more classic than the Coach. Good luck!
  9. Speedy!
  10. Speedy for sure . . . Coach is not worth the money. A few years back they moved all of their manufacturing to China and went from their classic stance of impeccable quality to a new company policy of "disposable fashion," since they think that is where the real bucks are. Are you really comfortable paying $700 for a sweatshop bag?
  11. Bagsnbags, I think you might be right RE: posting in the Coach forum would get more Coach votes...I really appreciate everyone's response! I have a feeling that these particular bags (the new limited ed. Legacy line that just came out online today) won't be found in the outlets...I'd be surprised if they did but maybe you're right about that too. I don't know for sure. I've always wanted the mono speedy 30 and it is more affordable than the satchel...hmmm. I know the Coach will not hold it's value compared to the LV and so maybe I should forego the Coach...
  12. I do have some Coach bags but they're from a couple years ago, nothing has really grabbed my attention lately.
    Besides, no matter what, your mind will still be on the Speedy. I know when I was getting a tote when I started college a couple years ago, I wanted this one that had the different colored suede stripe things (purple, teal, fuchsia, etc.) It was between that and the LV Mezzo..well my mom convinced me to get the Mezzo because even though the Coach would be nice, it wouldn't be as good as the Mezzo and I'd still want it.
    So yeah..if you're still interested, wait until it gets to the probably will. The last Coach thing I got was when they did the suede LE Poppy line in fuchsia; I got the wristlet with the matching wedge heels..well guess what was in the outlet a couple months later? And it too, was supposed to be LE.
    So really, just go with the's got more staying power, IMO.
  13. I vote for the Speedy - it is classic and timeless, and you will love it forever. Plus, it will hold it's value.
  14. coach is only good for one thing (shoes) otherwise there just crap. Go for the speedy you wont regret it. I dont even know how u can talk about coach and LV in the same thread.:lecture:
  15. I like both LV and Coach, so I will try to answer this fairly. I know the bag you are talking about, I like it, but I don't think it is that classic. Look at the striped lining and the hardware on the outside is very in right now but won't always be. A Speedy is classic. What about a Leather Epi Speedy 25 (which is slightly bigger than a canvas 25) and is $885. I just bought one, it is beautiful and totally classic. I was thinking about ordering a legacy bag with my 25% off card, but decided to go with the Epi and I am glad I did. Plus, PP are right, Coach will eventually move on to another Legacy line, and send the left overs to the outlet. That and they are sure to do another 25% off promo sometime in the future and you could get one then for cheaper. JMO.

    ETA: There is also resale value, Coach holds its resale value okay for a year or two, and then goes way down. LV has awsome resale value if you were to ever get tired of it. ;)