LV speedy sizes question!

  1. Hello. please can anyone tell me which LV speedy handbags have 35 size???only monograms???or also azur speedys?
  2. Hi lena
    I'm afraid only monogram....except if you count the miroir which is like 34cm long...
    Someone mentioned that there were epi speedies 35 and 40...not sure but search eBay or any other site to find if that's true...
    Good luck finding one...
  3. only the monogram speedys.
  4. damier both ebene and azur comes in 25 and 30...
  5. thank you...i wanted azur speedy 35 but maybe 30 is also good?:confused1:you know i just like big bags...have you any pic with speedy 30 i just want to see how it looks on people(too small or normal)
  6. Also the new LE watercolor due out in May will be a 35 only size they will make on this piece
  7. :yahoo:which one is that?have any pic?or can i see it on
  8. I was told there will be 30 and 35 in the watercolor speedy, i hope i wasn't misinformed?
  9. LE watercolo speedy and mono speedy have 35
  10. If you go on the spring forum you will see the watercolor in the exotic handle and the vachetta handle. Starting price was suppose to be 1185 since the increase could be higher, Only coming in the 35 speedy size on the non-exotic variety
  11. would they do a custom speedy 35 in damier?
    does anyone know how they price custom (special order) bags