LV "Speedy" or Gucci "Joy"?

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  1. I'm saving for my first Gucci or LV bag and I'm planning to buy a LV Damier Speedy (25 or 30) or a Gucci Joy GG fabric ( I think the medium one but I like the small too). The question is: which is the most durable? Does GG fabric get dirty easily? Thanks in advance.

    the Joy colors I'm considering:


    I liked the Ribbon Joy too but I can't find it on the Gucci website anymore. :Push:
  2. I have the boston joy medium from the pic you have it looks like the small. The small boston is very small. The medium is larger than the Speedy 30 and it's not as saggy. It's also coated canvas as well. I've spilled tea and coffee on mine and all I had to do is take a wet cloth and wipe it down and it's good as new. I carry the boston quite a bit since it holds a lot of things inside and it still looks great. Both the speedy and the boston only has one pocket. I don't have a speedy but it also looks great too.

    Get whichever one you like more...or get both!
  3. Both companies are very very durable. Thats how they have great stats today! Either one, but since damier speedy is a canvas you could just whipe off the canvas when it gets dirty, with the gucci its more of a material. Which one would you be more proud of holding?
  4. I say the speedy..if you have to choose. The speedy is an iconic bag..more so than the gucci. I have many Gucci fabric monogram bags and yes they wear well but the LV is much easier to clean and more durable imo. Whatever you choose wear it well, there's nothing like having a great bag!
  5. nillacobain - it is so funny that you are having this dilemma because I can't decide if I want a joy or a speedy either! I have three gucci bags (2 fabric, 1 leather) and the material holds up really well. I AM leaning towards the speedy because like crisn11 said, it is more of an iconic bag. I'm sure whichever one you choose, you'll love it! good luck :smile:
  6. Also the speedy is a first LV for many. It is listed as an LV essential on their site and will never go out. Not that the Gucci will but i feel for that price get the LV. Am I being too forceful?? LOL I am craving all things chanel right now, too bad my wallet cannot support my hunger.
  7. Also have you considered the LV Speedy in the Damier? Yes the monogram is the more popular but if you'd like to set yourself apart the Damier is beautiful and sofisticated and you don't have to worry about the handles oxidizing. I just purchased the LV Neverfull in the Damier and I love it.
  8. Although they're probably equally durable, I'd go for the LV, its the more classic of the two and the damier pattern especially, since its even older than the LV monogram and with the darker tones, any dirt that does get on it, won't show as much.
  9. You can't go wrong with either. I have 2 LV speedys and love them. But I wouldn't mind a Gucci in the future. A girl can dream.
  10. Speedy! I didn't go that route and regret it... I want a speedy soooo bad!
  11. Thanks to everyone :heart:.. I think I prefer the LV Speedy even if it sags. Where I can find a picture with the 25 next to the 30? I'm not considering the monogram since I prefer the Damier (and as crisn11 said I don't have to worry about the patina on the handles).

    The only reason I can't choose between the Spedy and the Joy is that Gucci mades the Joy bag in black/brown. These colors are very close to my total black closet. I don't know how the Damier canvas could match the clothes in my closet.
  12. You don't have to worry about matching the just goes.. with everyting.. you will look chic in whatever you have on.
  13. I have both of these bags and they are very similar. I wouldn't say there's a difference in how durable the canvas is. Both wipe off easily. My Speedy is a 30 and the Joy Boston is the larger size. They are about the same size but the opening on the Gucci is a little bigger and easier to get into. Just in terms of functionality, I prefer the Gucci. I also like that it's a bit different than the LV mono that you see all the time.
  14. Without a doubt, Speedy!
  15. Oh, and the canvas material on the Gucci did not get dirty. I had both the chocolate that's in the picture shown above and I had the lighter colored one w/ gunmetal trim. The gunmetal trim peels though so I'd stay away from it. My SA said they're not going to make it anymore because of that issue.