LV Speedy or Chanel cambon bowler??

  1. I am so torn. I want to get a new handbag that is smaller than the usual large tote I carry around but I can't decide between these two! I either want to go with the Mono Speedy 30 or the Chanel cambon bowler (black on black patent) with the fushia colour inside. I love them both! Help me choose!
  2. Any pix of the chanel? How much is the price difference?
  3. between the two, i'd choose chanel
  4. I prefer the speedy over the cambon line.
  5. Sorry, but I am partial to the speedy.....soooo..speedy, speedy,
  6. I'd definitely go for the Chanel.
  7. I know this is a LV group and I am absoutely in LOVE with LV! I would have to choose Chanel because I am so tired of the speedy, unless it was multicolor or some other style besides mono or damier... they are sooooooo 2 months ago lol
  8. LV Speedy no contest!!!
  9. show us a pics of the cambon bowler! as much as i love LV and speedies, i'd go for something different, and if price wasn't an issue go for the chanel =)
  10. Here is the Chanel bowler I'm thinking of getting!
    Pic is taken from eBay member [​IMG]rnr2lake

    I think the Chanel retails for brand new around $1300, but if I get it on eBay second hand, around $700
    chanel cambon.jpg
  11. It looks very nice. As much as I like LV, speedy is really too common these days. How sturdy is the Chanel leather?
  12. I know that you have to be very careful taking care of this bag, because it is made of either lambskin or calfskin (not sure which) but it's not a throw-around everyday bag.
  13. I believe Chanel uses lambskin for cambon...


    be different lol!
  14. yup, I know this is LV forum...but go for the bowler...I love the patent on lambskin. do they make it in caviar leather so it's more resistant to scratches?
  15. LOL I am leaning towards the Chanel but the Speedy seems like such a classic that everyone should have! But beautiful hehe