LV Speedy I too old...

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  1. I have yet to purchase any LV bags. I really like the Speedy and the Manhattan, but I am liking the bright colors of the white multicolore Speedy the best. How old is too old to carry a white bag with rainbow logos?
  2. 95 !

    I remember Noriko mentioning that she was going to give her grandmother a MC bag, so I don't think there's really an age "range". In fact, I think it's kind of cute when you see someone that you would expect to carry a very conservative bag with a really fun one !
  3. I don't think you're ever too old for that bag. I've seen people from all walks of life carrying it. I have the white MC speedy and its a great bag! I'm 22 now, but hell if it looks good when I'm 50 I'll still rock it out!

    hehe and yes Ayla, I am getting my grandma the MC noe :biggrin: Her bday is taking so long to come though! btw my grandma is around 70 :biggrin:
  4. I don't think you are ever too old to carry a bag like LV. The only thing I don't like about them right now is the exhorbitant number of fakes (and bad fakes at that) out there.

    If you love it, I would get it! Just because Hollywood is full of starlets and those are the ones you are seeing doesn't mean that you're too old for them! I have a Bologne that I adore, it definitely doesn't feel too young for me!
  5. I just have to say again, your grandma is going to be the hippest grannie around ! :lol:
  6. Thanks to all! I am definitely NOT 22 anymore, but still under 35. :amuse: I just see it on so many young people...I know I could pull off the brown version, but the white is so much more fun! I will think it over...
  7. :nuts: definitely! I may have to borrow it from her from time to time, or buy 2 so we can be twins:lol:

    ETenebris, you are sooo not old! You should definitely go for it:biggrin:
  8. I saw a older lady at the mall today carrying the MC black speedy I think it looks fine, quite cute!
  9. I think you DEFINITELY can pull it off! under 35 is not old at ALL! and you're never to old to carry an LV... but it all depends on what you're comfortable with too...
  10. Omigod :amazed: ! You're never too old to own a Speedy Multicolore, it's a classic too! Unless you look and dress really old (polyester/knit dress with a doily collar and a crocheted shawl and your white hair in a bun, holding your cane) then maybe!
  11. A BIG thanks to all who say I am not that old! LOL! Although Pursemama seems to be implying that I should lose the cane. :lol: I tend to dress very casual, so I like a bag that can dress up an outfit and be my attention getter (or just make me feel happy). Bags are like chocolate...
  12. I agree with the others. You are not to old! As long as you love the bag, that's all that matters.

  13. that was funny! :lol:

    but i agree...
  14. You are never to old for a mc bag. I've seen a lot of older women here in Germany with the mcs and it looks right. I just love my lodge in white!! I just have to wait that it stops snowing to use it again.
  15. I don't think under 35 is old at all! I just popped over to the LV site. I have a MC Shirley, but I don't see it on their site anymore. Is it discontinued then?

    Also, I'm LOVING f/w bags that they have out now. I think there was a white mink LV posted on the blog that looks FABULOUS. Does anyone know how much that baby retails for?