LV Speedy in Grenad or Proenza Schouler Keep All in Orchid

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  1. Hi ladies, so I need your help. After purchasing my first Proenza Schouler small Keep all I am in love. I love the ska in orchid but I already have an LV Speedy in Grenade which is pretty much the same colour. I do not use my Speedy much but I do adore the bag as it is such a classic timeless piece in such a gorgeous colour. I would make more use out of the ska. So should I sell the elegant highly coveted Speedy in Grenade and get the crazy sexy cool SKA in orchid or should I keep my Speedy?

    NOTE: I do not want to own two bags of the same colour. I also posted this thread in the PS forum for varying opinions.
    PROENZA-SCHOULER-PS1-SMALL-7008-orchid-zoom.jpg photo 1 (4).JPG
  2. Keep speedy. I don't even like the other one. Speedy in this color is stunning
  3. +1
  4. Keep the speedy..the speed is so classic and that color is AMAZING! I am to the point I am not selling any more of my LV items...I like the top purse but do you have to undo the straps to get into the bag?
  5. Do you have any mod pics. That might help
  6. I actually love the classic shape of the speedy. And the colour if your speedy is gorgeous. I have to say I like the speedy more than the other bg you posted.
  7. You do have to undo the straps and then the top flips over...but I keep the straps undone.
    I only have a mod shot of the it is.
    photo 3.JPG
  8. Whatt a cute pic......I like the PS but IMO the speedy wins...
  9. Thanks! I think I am probably going to keep my speedy. It's such a classic piece like you all said and a stunning rare colour. Thanks!
  10. I love the proenza leather . I have a ps1.

    But you have te ska a short time , maybe reconsidering in a month or so?
  11. i pick the speedy :smile:
    but if you love the proenza and will use it much more i think you should sell the speedy and get the ska
  12. I would keep the speedy:smile:
  13. Speedy... its so pretty! And its hard to get... so I would hold onto it.
  14. Chrissie I was thinking the same thing. It might be a little too soon and just impulse setting in.
  15. I think Speedy