LV speedy in epi red or B-bag Twiggy in red

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  1. For my birthday on the 12th my husband is going to buy me a bag. I don't know which one to choose. Please help me decide. It's between the LV speedy in epi (red) or the Balenciaga Twiggy in red. The Twiggy I have on hold at NM. The SA referred to the color as "raspberry." I never heard of that color. Maybe you guys can help me out. What color could he be referring to ... and which bag would you choose?
  2. wow, tough choice! the shade of red that LV makes the epi in is stunning- not too bright, not too dark, not too "blue-red". very versatile. i've not seen the raspberry B=bag in person. any chance you can hold them side by side before you decide?
  3. I would say the twiggy, I'm not really feeling the red epi. Do you know what type of bad you'd like ? E.g. context of bag usage.. will you be using it at work or would you just want something cute to carry around town ? The Speedy definately seems more professional while the B-bag is far more relaxed looking.
  4. They are quite different in style.....
  5. I love the Epi Speedy, but I like it more in mandarin than red. But I am wanting a red Balenciaga, so my vote is for the Twiggy :biggrin:
  6. hmmmh that' a difficult one but i am a total lv addict and i would go for the epi red. It's such a beautiful bag and i think it's more classical:love: But anyway you're a lucky girl:biggrin: I am so happy for you!!
  7. I'd be wearing it mostly with casual clothes. I have dressy bags if I needed them. I'd like to be able to use the bag often. I wish I knew the true name of the color of the Twiggy. I'm not sure what color the SA was referring to. What the heck is "rasberry"?!?! I asked him to look it up for me. There is no such color ... I don't think. I know it's an authentic Balenciaga because it is Neiman Marcus and I've already bought a white Twiggy there, so I know it's the real deal. The SA just doesn't seem to know the proper name of the color.
  8. If you already have a twiggy, I'd say the red epi.
  9. well for casual dressing the Twiggy gets my vote.

    Rasberry - not a b-bag color - when you call back get him to read the color off the tag - just to be sure you are not getting magenta and he is color blind (you know a very high % of men are color-blind).
  10. It is my guess that "raspberry" is rouge (F05). I have the rouge city and it is a berry/blue red. It is very unusual for a retailer to have a F05 rouge b-bag in stock (if it is a return, make sure it is in like-new condition...had a bad experience with NM SF when the SA sent me a chocolate city that had clearly been used). That being said, the rouge is a gorgeous color!
  11. mmm IMO i dislike (a lot!) speedy in epi!! :worried:
    i believe speedy looks way better in monogram canvas

    so i definately vote for B-bag twiggy.. but in a happier color if possible!!:shame:
  12. Thanks LoganZ .... lol .... you're right, a lot of men are color blind! Thanks Socal for the info. It probably is the rouge (F05) because I don't think any other shade of red has come out since then. It probably is a return .... hmmmm ... because it was not there when I bought the white Twiggy a couple of weeks ago. What to do ......
  13. Thanks for your thoughts. I already have a Speedy 30 in the monogram canvas and love the shape of the bag. That's why I am considering the epi Speedy in red.:P
  14. Well I'm kinda bias because my next purchase is going to be the epi red speedy. So my vote is obvious;)
  15. I vote for the epi red speedy first and then when you have the time and money, go get the rouge twiggy that's coming out later this year. That way you'll get BOTH of them!! :;):