LV Speedy: How does it sag?

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  1. Hi, am thinking of getting an LV speedy 25 in epi. i have read that it sags after a while, is it the base of the bag that sags? Also, does the sides kinda 'flatten' when you put heavy stuff in it (becasue of the weight dragging it down)? Would really appreciate if any speedy owners can enlighten me. thanks
  2. I have the Speedy 35 in the monogram canvas. The middle does sag b/c there's no structure to that part of the bag. I combat this by putting a magazine in the bottom of my bag. :biggrin: This also keeps the sides from flattening out.
  3. Epi speedies don't really sag, the material is different and a little more rigid. And it's only the larger speedies that have a lot of the sag, so the 30, 35 and 40.
  4. yup, i've seen some girls carrying them, and they just look so horribly shaped, i stay away from those bags.
  5. Ayla is right. I wouldn't think the 25 would sag nearly as much, if at all, like my 35 does.
  6. My cerise speedy 25 did sag :sad:
  7. I placed a hard cardboard in the bottom of my Speedy 30 and that has kept it from sagging. :idea:
  8. Thank you for all your advice! I'm just wondering, if you place a cardboard on the base of the bag, does the sides still 'flatten' and 'sink in' when you put heavy stuff in it? Thanks...
    ooh... i do love the epi line
  9. I did put a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the bag but because i sew i purchased fabric that matched the inside of the bag and covered the cardboard first. No one could tell when i opened the bag there was something in the bottom. But they made that bag so it would sag on purpose.
  10. 30 sags something awful; I'll try the magazine or cardboard if there is room. I love the way that bag holds all of my stuff; I carry a lot of junk around. :wacko:
  11. i don't understand why vuitton never anticipated the sagging in the first place. the bag should've originally been constructed with a vertical strip of vachetta going down the bottom centre, like the keepall.
  12. I could be wrong but I think some 20 years ago they did but it was the bag that was made in the u.s. without the padlock.
  13. This may be off topic, but I went into LV today to get either a speedy or a papillon, but I could just not convince myself to buy either one. I felt clumsy with the papillon and I really dont like the monogram canvas, so that ruled out the speedy for me. I guess Im just not an LV person.
    I did however, take a look at a special order damier speedy and it looked great!! so i might just have to wait for that!
  14. It was, the French Co. Speedies did have a strip of leather down the middle of the bags, so there were no upsidedown LVs on one side and it could have meant stronger construction.

    Here is an example -
  15. ^ that's much better!
    i'd love one of those.
    do you think it would be possible to custom order a speedy from vuitton with a strip of vachetta on the bottom like that?