LV speedy empreinte stitching crack issue

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  1. I was shopping for speedy empreinte and noticing the leather has stitching crack. The SA said it's very normal and nothing to worry. All the aurore speedy empreinte in the store have this issue. I bought the best conditioned one, pic attached below. Now I worry if the leather will crack more. Anyone has the same problem? Can you please share? Thanks

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  2. Nope. No cracking on my Empreinte. Never heard of it before on the Speedy.
  3. Yes, I have seen that on aurore speedys. I think its because it's where the stitch is. I have been told its normal too...I don't know if it shows up more because its a lighter color?
  4. That's not leather cracking exactly. It's the location where the stitch comes together and the leather is turned inside out. I'm sure mine has it, too. When it's light out I'll take a look.
  5. Thanks! will the hole get bigger?
  6. I guess so, I didn't see this stitch in dark blue empreinte.

  7. Your empreinte is navy, right?

  8. Yes, Infini.
  9. just checked my Havane Speedy and it does not have this issue.
  10. I don't think I've seen this. Once I take my contacts out (later) I'll take a good look!
  11. I have checked my infini and orient bags and mine are not like that.
  12. My Citadine PM's straps cracked and I had them replaced at no cost. Other than that, the rest of the bag has no issues.
  13. Sorry but for the price i think its not normal!
  14. My mum has a Lumineuse PM in Orage, hers didn't have cracking like this originally, but after some use, all the seals have hairline cracks.....

    My mum and I won't buy as much LV now since this issue, the quality is not justified for the price compared to our Hermes bags
  15. +1