LV Speedy - classic or out dated?

  1. Hello all, Help out an Ohio gal. I have always wanted a Speedy 30, I think its classic and a bag that I will be able to use forever, never going out of style. I don't often buy myself expensive things, I'm a newlywed, fixing up our first home, and everything that goes along with that. So I've saved up the money for my purse splurge and I am ready to shop! Tell me all you big city ladies - is the Speedy a classic or am I just an outdated fan. I don't want to regret my purchase in the long run. Would love to hear some opinions before I buy. Thanks! Cynthia
  2. Welcome, nursecynthia!!

    You may want to post this question in the LV forum, you'll get more answers :flowers:

    To answer your question, I own a speedy and I love mine. To me, it'll always be classy!
  3. Yup. It's a classic in my book. ;)
  4. Thanks for the tip, I'll re-post it. Didn't realize there were so many message boards!
  5. Welcome! And, it's a total classic! The fact that it's been around for SO long is a testament to that. I feel that every Speedy is unique because of how it patinas.

    Good luck, and if you decide to get it, you'll love it.
  6. It's a classic. I just got a 25 and I love it!!! :flowers:
  7. It's a classic that you will love forever. My friend was here for vacation last week and when we were talking at night I said I will clean the leather on her Speedy bag, I looked inside at the date code and it was purchased in 1992. It still looks great. We had a laugh about how old it was and how she never gets tired of using it.
  8. I love mine!
  9. definitely a classic!
    it first came out in 1933 (that is right ladies [and gents], isn't it?).
    i just got a speedy 25 but in the damier print and i love it!!!
    it's my current fave :tender:
  10. I'm a "city lady" 24 and in Manhattan and I see this bag everywhere!

    It's sometimes hard to weed out all the fakes..but just the sheer number of speedys I see here with the mono print really show me how timeless it is. Women of all ages carry it!

  11. Oh yes, it's a classic! Enjoy your bag splurge and welcome to tPF!
  12. :yes: Always and forever a classic, chic and iconic bag of LV. Its been loved dearly by most LV wont fail you and you will not regret it..for sure!! I love and adore mine, its also carries on the hand so well. The design is awesome!:yes:
  13. NurseCynthia-- welcome to The Purse Forum!! Prepare to add more Louis Vuittons to your wish list!! LOL

    To answer your question, the Speedy is CLASSIC!!!!!!!!! It was actually made for Audrey Hepburn, who I think of as being iconically timeless. Anything that she carries, I feel "safe" carrying forever :smile:
  14. welcome to tPF!!!
    totally YES the Speedy 30 is a classic and it will never go out of style!!! You should totally get one - 'coz it sounds like you love it! :graucho:
    I totally LOVE my speedy 30! :love:
    go for it girl!!!
  15. The Speedy is and will probably always be a classic. I just don't think one could ever go wrong in obtaining an item that she truly likes... Then again maybe that's just me... One must please herself. Heck if it wasn't a classic but I still liked it I'd go for it!