LV Speedy Black and White

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    Hi, whats your thought about this bag? Is it too masculine?

    All my LV is mono so i thought this would be good to add in my collection especially it is limited edition and love the red colored handle, multi-colored side, strap and the checkered interior but im not sure about the damier print and white pipping?

    I just recently got the giant speedy so im not sure if i should get this one?

    Also, for those who already own this bag, can u show me pic of yr piping and mods shot ;)

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  2. I personally really like this bag! But I think it’s completely sold out in the US.
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  3. I like the one in neonoe. Go get it if you could get one!
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  4. I love it. Not masculine at all. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this, along with the Giant Speedy to no avail. Glad you were able to secure one.

    I was told by CS they’re sold out but since it’s not a limited edition, more will be popping up in about 6 weeks. But who knows?? Not holding my breath.
  5. I love my giant speedy to death..glad that my SA did all she could to pre-order for me. 12 weeks wait is definitely worth it.

    Oh man, u mean the damier black white speedy is non limited? Well, that might be a deal breaker for me cos i would might prefer a limited edition for speedy. :lol: thank you very much for your intel :love:
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  6. I’m not an expert on LV, but that’s what a CS Rep told me 2 days ago; however as everyone here knows all Reps have been giving conflicting info so don’t hold me on the intel. :biggrin:

    I too was fortunate enough to get a few items from the Giant collection. Here they are.


    I had the speedy in my cart and checked out on 3 separate occasions, only for my order to get canceled. On one occasion it took over a week for it to cancel. Crazy!!!
  7. Wow thats a haul. So u are jusy missing the khaki speedy :eek: congrats....!! I love your khaki neverfull... not sure if i would use though...
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    Thank you. When I got the NF I fell in love with the colors (khaki/beige) and was happy I had gotten it instead of the speedy, which is white/beige. I’m not good with light colors, that’s why I don’t have many azur pieces.
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  9. Omg I just happened to see the black/white speedy. I checked out ASAP. I think i got it. :nuts:
  10. Omg im so happy for u!!!!!
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  11. Thank you. My order is already in preparation. :nuts::biggrin:
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  12. Wow that was fast. So happy for you!! Can’t wait to see your reveal. You guys have sparked my interest now.
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  13. Since July, I’ve had this bag and I love it. It is so versatile and looks different with different straps. @travelbliss created a thread for this bag (I cannot find the link) and I posted pics there and I also posted pics in the LV in action thread.
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  14. Thank you. I’m excited. The only thing I am dreading is the way it’s going to come, flat as a pancake. :shocked::biggrin: I was shocked when I got my first Speedy not knowing. :biggrin: I don’t have a speedy b so this would be my first. :smile:
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  15. EmmJay you have some awesome cool bags and I love all your mod shots. Gotta check it out. Probably will do it when my grandson falls asleep. (He’s 1-1/2.) :heart:
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