LV speedy back in April 2004.... was the dustbag the old style?

Aug 12, 2006
For the LV monogram speedy back in April 2004.... was the dustbag the old style?

Like it's not the current dustbag material but it was like felt like material?

Anyone know how much LV mono speedy 25 costs back in April 2004? wasn't it like $495 or something?

What about the box back then? I think it was the same style box as now? right?


Oct 19, 2009
I got my mono speedy 30 in 2005 and the price was $560. The dust bag is is not felt like material like the ones now. The dust bag has a more rough feeling to it. It's hard to describe.


Apr 25, 2008
I think the dustbags changed sometime in 2005 -- newer db's say LOUIS VUITTON and are a thinner material - -the older ones say LV and are thicker fabric.
Aug 12, 2006
another question about LV dustbag...

I have a bucket mono bag that is after 2004 era.... and that dustbag has says "louis vuitton" but it's a THIN (almost linen like) yellow fabric.

AND... i have a speedy damier bag that came with a dustbag with "louis vuitton" but it's a more thicker felt like fabric.

Did they change the dustbag AGAIN... AFTER they changed the "LV" brown felt bag.... from linen type fabric to felt like fabric?


vintage bag lady
Mar 29, 2008
The felt dust bags were used in the 1980s to mid 1990s and were a medium coffee brown to light toffee color. Then changed to soft cotton, still in various colors of medium brown, and the edging style changed to seaming. Both of those had LV initials. The current version, has the word in full. I have seen the current version in heavy soft slightly cotton, right through to a flaxy linen texture. I have also seen a red limited edition dust bag too. Don't assume that minor differences in appearance mean anything in terms of authenticity. When in doubt, use the authenticate this LV thread.