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LV Speedy B vs MCM Essential Boston


Oct 9, 2006
Are you also looking at the Speedy B in leather? If so, it is almost four times the price. No matter how much money you have, this should be a consideration since it will be a much bigger commitment. The bag you were showing does come in a 30 cm size and is about the same as the Speedy 30 in it's other dimensions as well. There is a canvas Speedy in a 35 size if you want a larger bag. I do not own any MCM bags, and they are not sold in my area, so I cannot comment on which one would be more durable. If you tire of your bags and are willing to sell, the LV will hold its value better, although usually just the canvas bags and not the leather. Having said all that, my vote goes to the Speedy B as it is a great bag, and I own two which I love.
Feb 21, 2017
Check out the Arayla Nightingale. The leather is top quality, the handles and strap are the most comfortable I have ever had on a handbag. Size is between the Speedy 30 and 35. And the colors to choose from are fun. Plus the lining with a touch sparkle is different.
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