LV Speedy B 25 mono or ALMA BB mono

Which style would you pick?

  • LV Speedy B 25 in monogram canvas

  • Alma BB in monogram canvas

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Feb 20, 2012
Hi lovely ladies,

I need your help..So basically at the moment I'm in LV monogram print fever. So far i like monogram canvas only for SLG the reason being is i can't deal with the discolouration. However I'm thinking for my next purchase i want to get my first monogram canvas bag. My choices:

LV Speedy B 25 monogram canvas and Alma BB in monogram canvas.

I already have speedy b25 in ebene and alma bb in epi fushia.

What do you think?

Thank you x ;););)


Jul 15, 2014
Can I suggest something else?? The beautiful Turenne! As you already have an Alma and Speedy B!