LV Speedy Advise-- Mono, Damier or Damier Azur???

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  1. Hi! I need advice and opinions as I am very undecided... :confused1:

    I didn't use to like LV but I saw a girl yesterday at Nordstrom who had a Speedy 30 in Damier Azur on her arm and I just thought the shape of the Speedy is such classic that I want one!

    And so I got on with my research and browsed through eLux and I got confuesd-- this is my first LV (and prob the only LV as I don't like the other styles so much). I'd like opinions on Mono, Damier & Damier Azur.

    Mono - classic (saw here that Audrey H, carried it) but VERY common & heavily-faked!

    Damier - this one is nice but I'm not too sure if it's classic enough though it's a more subtle LV

    Damier Azur - this one is so fresh-looking and I love it but I'm worried that if the handle develops a patina, it'll look a little weird since the bag is light-colored

    So girls, if you can own ONLY ONE SPEEDY, which one will it be?? Thoughts would be very much appreciated! TIA!
  2. I actually purchased the Damier Azur 25 speedy a couple of weeks ago and its only my second LV (the first was the speedy perfo) simply because it was MY style,it fits well with my personality and lifestyle and you should make your selection based on the same things.

    Good Luck!
  3. Damier
  4. I have the speedy damier 25. I like the mono but its too common and yes heavily faked. Not a fan of the azur speedy because the colors look like a washed out blue and dirty white, with the patina and all its just wierd. What would it match?
  5. Isn't it a beauty? I also like it a lot but it's light colored and god knows what I can do with light-colored bags!
  6. I just have one Speedy, and it's a Damier 25. I like Damier better than Monogram in the Speedy because as you mentioned, the Mono is so commonly faked. Damier also easily flies under the radar, and it's no-maintenance -- I carry mine in the rain with no worries!

    I love Damier Azur, but honestly I think it will look like crap in a year or two, after the leather darkens. I really wish LV had used a nice ivory-finished leather instead of vachetta on those.
  7. That's a big concern too-- it's a lovely bag but after it develops the patina, it'll look mismatched to the body of the bag-- if only the handles would stay that color, I'd love it!
  8. I already have a Mono, but I'm constantly thinking about having a Damier instead. Like you said, Mono is more commonly faked, and I think the Damier is a bit classier. So I'm no help.

    I don't care for the Damier Azur at all.
  9. Yes, its a beauty!!! People always stare at it. I think if you wear it in the spring and summer and put it up until next spring and summer it should keep just fine.
  10. I'd buy the Azur, I think it's fresh looking and must look great with jeans too
  11. damier
  12. I only have one speedy and I chose the Damier. I love it- it's more unusual, goes with everything, and is weatherproof!
  13. I have the Speedy 30 Damier Azur. I purchased it bc (1) I love LV and (2) I wanted a cute, white purse. I love looks even better with the rainbow LV monogram purse chain. I tried looking for a picture of the chain I have on my bag online, but I think it's sold out. I've gotten so many compliments on it- just ask my bf...which makes me even more happy that I bought it. The only bag thing (if any) is that the bag tends to droop when you have alot of things in it. In other words, the shape of the purse isn't maintained when you're holding it on your arm. Otherwise, I'm happy. And about the handle changing color (patina)'s been a few months and although the handle has changed in color a little still looks nice. :smile: happy shopping!
  14. If only ONE?!

    I'll take the Monogram...too classic
  15. Damier, for sure!