LV Speedy 40 -- anyone else carry as a purse?

  1. Sorry if I'm going over something which has already been covered, but I'm brand new to this forum. Just purchased a LV Speedy 40 this weekend for a trip bag, but also want to carry as a purse. When I got home, it seemed much bigger than it did in the store mirror. Does anyone else out there carry one as a purse? I'm 5'6" and big-boned (not fat :smile:
  2. If I had one I would! I'm the same height as you and I'm not skinny and I think it would look great! It would be a bit big, but that's part of the "chicness" factor!
  3. Pics pics with you and speedy 40 please! I'd like to see before making any advice :biggrin:
  4. I carry the Keepall 45 mono and black epi as everyday bags for uni, and have had plenty of compliments. Furthermore, I've spotted two other people with auth. mono Keepall 45s there too!

    The Speedy 40 is on my list of handbags to buy, so I don't think it's too big at all.
  5. It is rather large, but no bigger than most "it" bags (ie Chanel Coco Cabas). I think it just seems especially oversized beacuse of the relatively small handles.
  6. Thanks everyone for your advice! I had a friend of mine who is shorter than I am carry it around while I watched & it looked fine. Guess I'm just not accustomed to carrying something so large, but everyone says I am "tres chic" carrying it and wearing my new Chanel 6022Q's.
  7. I Carry A 30 And Love It To Bits. But Being 5 Ft 110 Lbs, The 40 Was A Tad To Fashionably Big For Me.