LV Speedy 35

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  1. The above link didn't work. My pasted links keep getting cut off. Just do a search at eluxury for "speedy" and you'll see it. It's 14" x 9" and it costs $605.
  2. I want that bag so BAD its driving me nuts. :weird: :weird: :weird: :wacko: :wacko:
  3. I already have a 30 as well as a multicolore 30. Getting the 35 seems too excessive but I know what you mean. It seems like you can't have too many speedy bags!

    I've never seen this on this forum before but have you ladies heard of ******, as in www.******.com? You just sign up with them (it's free) and you log in at ******.com, then link through to and you'll save 3% on your purchase. I've been their member for a few years now. You' don't get an immediate 3% discount. They send you quarterly checks if your balance is over $5. You can also link through them for Saks or Neiman Marcus or Gap or Nordstrom. It's not much but it adds up if you shop online alot like I do. Perhaps I should start a new thread ...
  4. I read someone saying in another thread that it no tax and free shipping if you buy from eluxury. Is this true?? I would want to save every penny that I could
  5. There's a free shipping promotion going on right now. And I can't remember which states eLux is based in, but they can only charge tax for those states.
  6. Not true. You pay sales tax if you live in California or Tennessee. And shipping is definitely not free. But right now, they have a free shipping promo through 11:59 p.m. (PST), March 20, if you use coupon code "LEAP".

    I've been a loyal and frequent buyer with eluxury so they've upgraded me to "VIP" status, which means I get free upgraded delivery. And sometimes, I get special freebies from them (lotion, makeup, etc.). One time, I got a $100 gift certificate. I think I need more of those certificates!! Lol!!
  7. Hmm. Good info
  8. Just wondering what would you put in a 35? Seems HUGE.
  9. I bought a 40 before the price hike and won a 30 on eBay (from a MPRS) but I'm itching to get a 35 but I know I'm not cause I would be paying the price of a 40 before the price hike. *sigh* Maybe I'll find someone who bought it, used it a couple time and don't want it anymore but can't return it!
  10. The 35 isn't that big. I get lots of stuff in and case, wallet, a magazine, water bottle, PDA, a small person......just kidding :P Its roomy but not overly huge so that it looks strange as a handbag. At least not to me.
  11. I guess it's a personal bag size thing. With the 25, I think it's massive and I can throw everything I need in there and it still seems empty.
  12. Are you small framed Ayla? IMO that has a lot to do with what we think is a large bag. I'm small but I still love my big bags. I do have to be careful that a bag isn't SO big that it dwarfs me.
  13. That probably has something to do with it yeah.. I'm 5'0 ! :shame: And I guess I'm about the average size for my height, not fat or thin, just kind of me !

    I agree with you about bags and being dwarved by them, I pretty much only carry pochettes because of that !