LV Speedy 35 or Kate Moss For Longchamp Gloucester

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  1. What will you choose in terms of the following?

    Quality wise (Coated canvas vs Leather)
    Price wise
    Durability/Longevity (wear and tear)

    lv+speedy+35+damier.JPG longchamp_1225153001_0.jpg
  2. Longchamp products are very well made and they are excellent quality.
    Yet, Kate Moss's bag looks very ordinary to me in terms of design...
    I have owned a Speedy for years and years, it's still in perfect condition and I am sure that in 20 years'time we'll still see women carry it.....:smile:
    You never get tired of a Speedy.
    It's durable, roomy, waterproof and....light...
  3. Speedy 35!!!
  4. LV, no question.
  5. I would definitely go with the Speedy.
  6. LV Speedy no doubt, Classic and you will use it for a very long time.
  7. I'd go for the leather, that is longchamp.
  8. speedy hands down
  9. Speedy!
  10. Lv!
  11. Speedy, the Longchamp is very ordinary.
  12. Speedy 35 for sure
  13. Speedy 35!!
  14. I feel the big buckles on the Longchamp could date it quickly. The LV will be a classic forever.
  15. Mhmh... the Longchamp is an interesting bag, but I think its best if you go out to the store and test them out to see which suits you best :smile:

    The longchamp bag might not age as gracefully due to the nature of leather vs canvas.
    It also depends on the purpose that you are using the bag for, since the LV is rather recognizable.