LV Speedy 35 or 40 for everyday big bag?

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  1. I'm 5'7"- 160 pounds. I love big bags. Which one should i get? Does anyone have pictures of both side by side so I can see the difference? Or on someones arm?:tup:

    I recently purchased the Carryall and it's a tad too big to carry as a purse, it's heavy!
  2. I love the 35 but I am only 5'2"... being that you are taller you can totally pull off the 40 if you'd like. I don't have any pics to show you but both would work.. It really depends on how much you carry with you I guess. Good luck choosing!!
  3. Thank u! Is the 40 too heavy?
  4. i use a 35 and im realy tiny. i love it.
  5. Anyone got pics?
  6. If you love big bags I'd say go with the 40!
  7. I'm just over 6ft in socks and I thought the 40 was too big. The 35 would be my choice. Now, I'm eyeing the Epi for a holiday purchase and I'll go with the biggest one they have (which I believe is the 35). I love big bags!! The 40 came off like a piece of luggage, so that's why I'd go with the 35. Good luck!!
  8. Is the 40 too luggage-ish? I got the Carryall and I"m using that as my purse right's a bit too large.
  9. I think it is, but that's just me. When you get into BIG bags, there is a fine line (I think) where it goes from looking chic to looking awkward. Some of the LV bags are gorgeous, but unless I'm using it as a tote (which is what it was designed for), it looks too big, too bulky. The Speedy 40 falls into the range (to me). I've seen a person use it as a bag and it looks heavy when she carries it and very awkward in the crook of her arm. The sag is a BIG one also.

    But this is just my opinion. If YOU love it and LOVE the look, THAT is what matters! :yes:
  10. I have had both... and both are perfect!
  11. I would say the 35 for a large day bag. The 40 is getting into luggage territory. That has its place, but not always as a day bag.
  12. I have the 35 and I love it. I love big bags in general and this is big enough w/o crossing the line to ridiculously big (think Katie Holmes' gigantic red Birkin!). I think the 40 is more like a carry-on, not an everyday bag. I am 5'5" 125lbs. Here are pics of me with Speedy

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  13. Thank you that helps alot! Thats a Speedy 35 in the pics, correct?
  14. They are both great
  15. I use a 40, but that's because I need room for a laptop and some really big school books. Otherwise, I think that the 35 is great for a big everyday bag.