LV speedy 30

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew if the LV speedy 30 is a big bag or not?
  2. It depends on how you define big :P I have it and it is pretty big but it's perfect for me.
  3. thank you! where did you get yours at?
  4. I got it at my local LV boutique. That or is your safest bet. All other websites that claim they're selling authentic LVs are in reality selling fakes, only are allowed to sell LVs online. Ebay has some used authentic ones, but MOST are fake (like 90% if not more), so be careful.

    Good luck ;)
  5. Yeah, i've been looking at them at for a while, and i was wondering if they come with dust bags when you buy them, or do they just come, since i didnt purchase it at a store?

    I am planning on going to the LV store when i get my credit card and buying it, or probably sometime earlier, but yeeah, i really want that one.
  6. They come with a dustbag when you order them from eluxury :smile:
  7. it will come with a dustbag and you can also request a box if you want. ordering from is just as safe as going to the boutique. LVMH owns eluxury.
  8. hey ya!
    i've got an lv speedy 30, and its just the right size! i totally love it! you can check a pic out in the showcase thread :amuse: hehehe!
  9. I consider it to be a big bag, but that's probably because most of my other bags are clutches and pouches.
  10. Yes, it's pretty big. Must be at least 5'4" I would say to carry it. It is the most popular size because it is only 20$ more than the Speedy 25 so go for it if you are tall enough!
  11. Thanks! I probably am going to go buy that. And good thing im tall enough :smile: i really want it.
  12. I am a petite gal (5'1) so I am assuming I would look funny carrying one? The speedy 25 or 30 is on my list of bags I would like to purchase this year.
  13. I think anyone who is questioning whether the 25/30 would be right for them should go to the boutique and try the bag on with all your normal stuff inside. Opinions are great but you can never truly know if it's right for you until you see it for yourself.

    IMO, i can be 5'5" and think the 25 is too small for me (which i do), but another person at the same height can say it's perfect them.
  14. I agree...if it is possible, go to the boutique to try it on. I think it will also depend on how much you carry. If you think you are going to use it as a work bag, then definitely the 30 (or if you are someone who carries a lot).
  15. I'm about 5'2" and I just got the Speedy 30. It depends on what you like. I just thought the 25 looked too small for my taste and both my husband and the SA thought the 30 was too big. I didn't care.