LV speedy 30

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Oct 31, 2007
I have a question. I found this bag online and she said it is authentic, is there a way to proof that it is authentic? She showed me pictures and seem like new, real LV bag. I told her to get physical proof like a receipt but she eventually misplaced it. Is there a way for her to go to LV boutique and the rep. can verify or vouch that it is authentic bag (possible with LV seal or letter)?
I have date codes and can I call LV customer service?
HELP, the price is good and had bad experience with online designer bags.

For future reference, please post ALL authenticity questions here:
Feel free to post the auction there and we'll take a look at it for you.

Receipts are easily faked now-a-days, so a receipt won't really tell you much. Regardless if you have the date code for the bag, it's not in any way important when telling if your bag is real or fake. Even fakes have date codes. Plus, a date code only really tells you when the bag was made.
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