LV Speedy 30 VS Chloé Mini Paddington

  1. Hmm...I've wanted the Paddy for so long, but as everybody says it is heavy and hard tofit you essentials in, I've got doubts... The Speedy is an old favourite of mine and it seems more practical...Oh Gosh! h e l p
  2. The speedy is a classic and is handheld. The mini paddy is not quite a classic but depending on your size can fit over the shoulder or be handheld.

    I say get one, and then get the other later!
  3. Oh and the speedy fits a lot more so if more of a daytime bag, while the mini paddy fits a lot less so is more of a nightime bag.
  4. I agree with Bella...
    I would say the mini is not particularly heavy and the style is beautiful, it is an eye-catcher...
    although you cannot stuff a lot of things into it... probably your essentials and even an umbrella... i got used to it with time and can now make the most of its capacity....
  5. i definitely think the mini paddy is more unique! lv and the speedy are so common. plus, it's more luxurious, to me. =D

  6. Why not get a regular Paddy?? Or do you have one?:confused1:
  7. I have the same concerns as you about the Paddington. I had wanted both of the same bags that you want to. The best thing is to handle both bags in person and see which feels right to you. For me, the baby paddy is too small, I'd rather have the regular medium paddy. And the LV speedy is just a classic, but there are so many of them out there, and that makes me prefer to have a less popular bag. So, to answer your question, I'd recommend the regular paddy (on sale, of course). Good luck!
  8. I don't want a regular Paddy, I 'm a petite person...seems like Speedy is more appropriate for me but still...
  9. I have the LV speedy 30 and it is a great bag because I can fit soo much in there- only problem is it is handheld, I don't mind it but after a while you just wanna put your bag over your sholder. I really like the mini paddy but it is just too small I would rather spend the extra $120 or so extra and get the regular. Only problem with the paddy is that I am worried the padlock may be too heavy
  10. MIni paddy gives more eye values. There are too many speedySSS out there.
  11. I think go with the'll feel like you got a better value, but just MO. I like the Speedy and in fact would consider getting one after you already have a Paddy. But the Speedy is so much more common, not as nice, and so many people carry the fake version it starts to irritate me. Although i see why you like it, I just think Paddy is a better first buy. These are all my opinions though, so obviously no offense meant at all. And like I said, I'd consider the Speedy down the line if you had random cash lying around, but it's a lot for what you get I think.

    The regular size Paddy is HUGE in my experiece. i can easily fit a huge wallet, checkbook, phone, makeup bag, notepad, sunglasses, etc etc in it and still have room. The small Paddy is probably big enough to have all the essentials if you have a smaller wallet. The Padlock can be heavy at times, but not too bad, and you can always take it off for those times you think you need to carry more if you wanted. I suffer through cause I love the lock too much, so it's worth it to me.

    Hope this helps.... I'm sure many people love their Speedys so many will have a different opinion than me....
  12. If you are a petite person and that is the main reason for NOT wanting a regular paddy, I think the Speedy 30 looks bigger than the regular Paddy on any person. Plus, you cannot put a Speedy 30 over your shoulder AND the LV Speedy 30 sagging looks icky IMO whereas the "sag" in the Paddy looks good, JMO tho. The mini paddy is a super cute bag, but really does not fit very much in it. I say go for a regular size paddy because everyone under the sun has a Speedy 30.

    Additionally the 30 is a PITA to get in and out of moreso than the paddy. I leave my paddy unzipped with the lock folded over and it is very easy to get things out of it.
  13. ^^ Yup speedy 30 is comparable to the regular paddington.

    The speedy 25 is a fair bit larger than the mini paddington tho.

    I would recommend you take advantage of all the sales and go and try some on!
  14. I have a lv speedy 30 and just got a med paddy. I love my lv but it drives me nuts when I'm shopping and I can't put it on my shoulder. I don't have this problem with the paddy. The speedy has a little more room but not enough to make much of a difference in size. Hope this helps!
  15. Speedy 30 is much, much lighter, but I don't have it because it cannot be worn over the shoulder. The speedy 30 also sags quite a bit if you put a lot of stuff in it. The paddy is a lot heavier, but it is made of leather, and overall is a much better "constructed" bag than speedy 30, imo. Pricewise, speedy 30 is much cheaper than retails of paddy or minipaddy, but there are a lot of good deals of paddy around whereas the LV never goes on sale.

    Why not save up and get both!