LV Speedy 30 VS Chloé Mini Paddington

  1. Help me! Don't know which to go for! Love Chloé but LV Speedy is such a classic...:sweatdrop:

  2. big price difference, so i guess it depends on how much you have/want to spend and if you want a handbag or shoulder bag.
  3. go with the speedy..the paddington is too heavy for me
  4. I think you're asking the wrong forum! :graucho:
  5. They are two totally different bags. I love the paddys myself but would not pay full price for one since they do occasionally mark them down. LV Speedy 30 is such a classic bag and if you ever have to resale it, you should be able to at least get half of the price you pay for it, depending on the condition of the bag of course. Let us know which one that you choose and don't forget to post pics.
  6. I have both and have to say I use my speedy MUCH more.
    I do love the leather on the paddy, but the heavy lock is really HEAVY and it's a pain to lug around. I could take it off, but why carry the paddy without the lock? The speedy carries tons without being too heavy and is easy to push up to my elbow and carry other stuff.
    Both are beautiful bags, I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever you decide.
  7. Go for the speedy. The mini paddington is small. I had the regular size paddy and a zippy paddy....sold them both. They were so darn heavy.
  8. Speedy :yahoo: You ARE in the LV forum
  9. SPEEDY!:wlae::yahoo::wlae:
  10. Speedy for sure !
  11. Speedy! I am underwhelmed by the Paddy.
  12. Speedy of course ... every bag lover has to have at least one speedy!
  13. Go with the speedy. I don't think the paddy will be a classic piece over time. And I'm personally against tons of hardware.. it weighs down the bag. (sorry chloe lovers, don't throw anything at me).
  14. Another speedy vote here! Mini paddington is too little IMO. Speedy 30 is so classy and classic!
  15. Speedy here as well.