LV Speedy 30 - price in europe?

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  1. i'm thinking about buying the LV speedy 30 MC... so, does anyone of you know the price since LV has again rised them - in euros?

    thanks in advance :biggrin:
  2. The MC speedy is always in 30 and is ca. 1240 and the Mono Speedy 30 is 430 Euros. Hope that helps.
  3. yeah, thanks a lot! ;)

    i meant the monogram speedy...
  4. Is there a European website that ships to the US?
  5. ^ no, i don't think so. there's only eluxury which ships only within the usa...
  6. if you go to the french website for LV, they list all the prices on there.
  7. Yep, I'm guessing Tanja is quoting the German price? On the French LV site, mono speedy 30 is €410 and the multicolour speedy is €1200.

    France is definately cheapest.....

  8. Yes but that are just the prices for France for all other European countries you have to add 5-10 Euros for the items under 450,- and over it's about 30-50 Euros. So it's a bit cheaper to buy in France. The U.K are 15% more expensive
  9. ah, i didn't know that, i always looked at the 'other countries' page... so , thanks!
  10. wow, you seem to be an expert - thanks so much for your help! :biggrin:
  11. You are welcome!! I just love LV and staring at their wp.
  12. so, does anybody know if the e-shop on the site only ships within france or also in other european countries?
  13. Bonjour, I'm french and I live in the south of France. The french e-shop only ships within France.


  14. i bought my speedy 30 in paris just over a month ago and a few days after the price increase and it was 410 euro.
  15. So no need to shop in France anymore for LV items.;)