LV Speedy 30 or 40? I like the look of the 30 +++

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  1. but I am definitely a "big bag" girl. However, the proportions of the 40 look a bit off to me. Anyone have or seen both and have a preference?

    P.S. I have the 30 in the Takashi Murakami white color, so this one is just the regular brown canvas.

    Thoughts??? Thanks! XOXO
  2. I just purchased a damier ebony speedy 30! And I'm in love with size! I also tried the 35 and although it's more bang for my buck, it's huge, huge!!!! It reminds me of a small carry-on or gym bag. It really depends on your style and taste. The 30 is just more practical.
  3. Why not take the size in between: the 35?
    I have the mono 35 and damier 30. While I love my damier, now I prefer the 35 because I can fit all my stuff so easily inside and have room to spare.
    I'm 160cm and don't think it's too big on me.
  4. I personally love the 30. I think the 40 is too big
  5. Why not get the 35? It's the perfect balance for you. The 40 is on the HUGE side and will make you look as if you're carrying a luggage.
  6. Thank you ALL for your insight! As I was looking around more, I saw the 35 and wondered if it might be a perfect compromise?! I am 5'9" tall and generally prefer larger bags, but I don't want to "mess with" the perfect proportions of the 30. The 40 does remind me of carryon luggage or a tote - is the 35 the way to go? Does it retain the proportion of the 30 well enough, yet still look like a handbag, not a totebag? Or should I just go with the tried and true 30??? Thank you all so much! :smile: Diane
  7. if you're considering both, i say get the 35. its a big bag, but not unproportional
  8. i just purchased the 35 and love love love it. If you like big bags..but not too big go with the 35 for sure.

  9. I recommend the 30! The 40 may be too big, even for a "oversized bag" lover.
  10. I recommend the 35, which is what I have. Then again I love big bags!!!
  11. i love big bags and i have the 35 and LOVE IT!!!!!

    30 was too small for me. i think the 40 would look a little too much like a travel bag.
  12. Go for the 35. The 40 might be too big. I have the 40 and use it as a gym bag. Good luck w/ your decision.
  13. Between those, definitely 30. The others look too big.
  14. :yes:

    I had a 30 and it was a little too small for me. I bought a 40 just to have and it is like a carry on or over night type bag IMO. Not really an everyday handbag at all. It's pretty big.

    I sold my 30, got the 35 and it is *perfect*.

    I am a big bag girl myself and the 35 is just what I wanted. Not too small not too big..just right :tup:
  15. I recently had a dilemma between the 35 and the 40 because I was unsure which one would give me the "big bag" look. I ended up getting the 40. For reference I am 5'1'' and a size 16.




    I like a considerable amount of sag for my speedy, so if you don't then I suggest the 35. :smile: