LV speedy 30 multicolore

  1. Do all LV speedy 30 multicolore bags have the same color pattern. The reason I ask is I've seen so many different kinds of color pattern and was wondering if there is a definite way of finding out if it's a real LV speedy 30? Just need information, I'm kinda new with this.
  2. The color pattern varies from bag to bag.
  3. this bag have the pattern of orders in one big material. and the cut is varies between each bag. you might get more respomses in lv sub-forum :P
  4. the colors varies on each bag :smile:
  5. the canvas itself is printed 32 or 33 times ( i can't remember exactly after such a long time since it first came out) for the 32 or 33 distinct colors. as seahorseinstripes has said, the canvas material is very big and it's definitely not possible to spot a repetitive pattern easily. however, one easy way to take a fake apart is to count the number of different colors the bag shows, u should be able to find all 32/33 colors since the speedy 30 is big enough.
    if there are only a few colors on the bag, or all of them looks too pastel or too dark, forget it, it's a fake