LV Speedy 30-Handles??

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  1. So I got my 1st LV in June *exciting* and I'm kind of tired of it now. I love the bag but I am kind of over the small handles... I want a shoulder bag. I emailed LV and asked if there was any way they could replace the handles. Unfortunately, they can't do this and offered using a tailor to put straps on it. I don't want to do this because it will affect the integrity of the bag. I was thinking of buying one of the monogrammed straps but I'm not sure how it would look...Has anyone else had this issue/ bought the strap? It has crossed my mind to even sell the bag, but I love it so much. Plus, I get so many complements on it.

    *Soapbox for a hot minute*
    I refuse to buy a fake's so lame. If you don't have the money for the real thing, you shouldn't bother having it in the first place...

    -Just a question...would anyone mind possibly buying/trading bags? Just so I can get an idea. FYI: It was bought in Nalpes, FL at Saks. My grandma bought it for me. I started crying when she bought it!! Anyways, let me know if anyone is interested...Its only a few months old and I have the salewoman's card, keys to the lock, and original dustbag and tags. I would even consider trading my bag for an older LV...E-mail me at if interested, as I don't check this too often...

    Thanks ya'll,
  2. Trading isnt allowed here on the forum..sorry..
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