LV Speedy 25 or MJ the LOU

  1. If you have a choice between the MJ LOU and the Speedy 25 which one will you get. I know that MJ is the director of LV so I am just curious which style is your favorite?
  2. I love my speedy 25 so that would be my vote.
  3. speedy 25
  4. What does the MJ look like?
  5. LV ~ hands down, takes a beating and keeps on ... being gorgeous! LOL!
  6. My vote is for the speedy, I just got my speedy 30 for christmas, and I honestly don't know how i've lived my life without it.
  7. Everyone has a Speedy. It bugs me that everyone else is carrying that bag. I would get the Lou. Then again, I have a Lou, I'm biased!
  8. The Lou is cute and the speedy is classic. Which one are you?
    The speedy is practically weightless and the Lou - not so much. Weight training can be a good thing. Or not?

    I would be better off with the LV but have to say, Lou is a very nice looking bag.