LV Speedy 25 or Alma?

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  1. For those who have both or know a lot about these bags, which one do you like more and why? I am looking at these two as well as a few more LV and just trying to narrow down my search.


    p.s. I am currently in the process of bidding/winning (fingers crossed) a petite Epi Noe, so this bag will only be my second LV. I am so afraid of picking out a bag I do not like.
  2. i've been contemplating the same thing and i think i'll go for the alma, because the speedy sags and i hate that.
  3. i like the speedy the's classic LV to me. I dont like the Alma at all, the vachetta at the bottom just worries me too much.

    the speedy doesn't always sag if you put cardboard at the
    bottom...but i like the saggy look.
  4. I say speedy
  5. IMO, the Alma is a more dressy looking bag, whereas the Speedy can go either dressy or casual. I have a Speedy 30, and the Damier Alma is on my wish list for 2006 for a work bag.
  6. If you want a more structured bag I'd say get the Alma. If you want a more "casual" bag I'd say get the Speedy. I, personally, like the Speedy much more.
  7. I think it depends on how old you are and which pattern you go for. Alma seems a little more mature for teens or early 20s, whereas speedy suits all ages especially the MC (I've seen teens using it and don't look too bad or out of place). The black and brown Epi leather looks more classic and serious than the blue, red or mandarin. So I think it really depends on the combination of the colour and material.

    The Epi Speedy doesn't sag as much as the MC. If it's for everyday use, I would say speedy, it's more casual yet can be used as a dressy bag. Where I found Alma doesn't go with very well with casual wear like jeans or even tracksuit but great for work gear or formal gear.

    I have the Epi Speedy 30, my mum has the Alma. I never use the Alma, I don't feel too comfortable with it becuase I think it's a little 'mature' for me even I am in my early 30s (shame).
  8. So totally different, I would go for the speedy first you don't have to be too careful with it and then save up for the alma. It really depends on the look you are going for. Visit the LV botique and have fun.
  9. I've got Speedy 30 and Alma. I like Speedy more, since it's a way more roomy everyday bag.
  10. JMO but your shouldn't have to put a piece of cardboard in such and expensive bag to have it look right!
  11. I prefer the shape of the Speedy, but like other posters have also said, there just seems to be something wrong with how you have to actually put something at the bottom of the bag in order to make it look like how you want to. I really like the shape of the alma, but it's really uncomfortable to carry at times PLUS it's bottom is vachetta, so you have to be careful or else you may get a giant stain on the bottom !

    In the end, I would have to say speedy. If you're looking for a carry on bag anytime in the future, take a look at the alma voyage, it's even better in the larger size !
  12. I prefer the Speedy to the Alma. I don't really like the Alma in the monogram canvas, but in the damier it's very nice.

  13. my thoughts exactly.
  14. Have you considered the Monogram Popincourt Haut? It will give you the room of a speedy or alma. It also holds up and does not sag. Also the straps are adjustable to be hand-held or thrown over the shoulder.

    Just a thought.......

    Let us know what you decide? Good luck! :o)
  15. I prefer the Speedy, I'd rather the sag than the vachetta bottom on the Alma. I'd feel like I can't set it down anywhere while I'm out. Plus I think that the Alma isn't as easily dressed down as the Speedy is. And I agree that at my age I wouldn't pull off an Alma.