LV speedy 25 or 30?

  1. hey new to this forum..and i really love it! anyways i was just wondering if u guys could give me an opinon on the speedy 25 and 30. I know i want to get one of them but im not sure which one. It wuld be also awsome if sumone could post pics of their speedys so i could get a better idea of their sizes! give me your opinons.. i need them! thanks
  2. thanks! also can i have ur guyz opinons.. wat do u like best.. the 25 or 30?
  3. I have both and mono speedy 25 and MC speedy 30

    If i had to get another it would bea 30, just because i carry so much stuff.
  4. I have a 25 and love it :love: .

    I don't really care for the 30 because IMO it sags a lot more than the 25 and is too big for me and my stuff (I can never even fill up my 25)!!!

    Below is a pic of my 25, and if you go to the 'Visual Aids' thread and click on "search this thread" and search for "speedy" you'll find pics of people wearing both sizes!

    Good luck!!!
  5. i prefer the 25, because i'm only 5'4" and the 30 looks too big on me. besides, the 25 holds everything i need, and i carry A LOT of things.

    if you decide on the 25, you can get the Purseket so that you can hold more things :yes:

    here are pictures of my Speedy 25 twins and me :flowers:
    speedy twins 2.jpg speedy 001.jpg damier speedy 001.jpg
  6. I have a mono 30 and I couldn't go any smaller. I'm actually thinking of buying a 35 or 40. I'm 5'9" so I like how I look with bigger bags, anything smaller would be silly to me.
  7. i'm 5'3 and i prefer the 25 because it doesnt sag as much and it holds everything i need.
  8. I prefer 30:smile:
  9. I have the 35 znd 40. I had the 30 for a week and it's the smallest Speedy size I'd go for. just my personal preference.
  10. I have the 25 and it's still too big for me =(
  11. I love:love: them both but personally the 25 looks better for me to wear. The 30 looks too big for me.
  12. I just got a 30, but that's just me. I am not a big women, but I carry a big bag!
  13. I have the 25 in monogram and the 30 in damier...i was happy with the 25 until i got the i'm going to get the 30 in the mono. I recommend the's so great!
  14. I'm 5'2" and prefer speedy 25:biggrin: