LV speedy 25 cerises

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  1. I own the LV cerises bucket bag and sac fermoir pm. Now i am craving for the speedy 25!! :cry:
    I called almost all the LV stores in US and its all sold out. I am dying to get one now! Anyone knows where i can get a real authentic one?
    I saw one being sold on ebay for $1500 :amazed:
    Thats almost $500 above the retail price. THere is also another seller selling it for $890 for a used speedy 25... :suspiciou

    I am trying to decide if i want to get the used speedy or the brand new speedy 25... :huh:

    Sigh,.... i feel like killing myself for not getting it earlier... :cry:
  2. I know the feeling. I was craving the same bag but I have gotten over it. I settled for the regular one instead.

    Besides, Speedies are very popular for LV, so I am sure they are going to bring out some better limited edition Speedies in the very near future. A year or two from now, you will probably say "Oh, I am so glad I didn't get that Speedy 25 with the cherries, I think the Speedy 25 with the bananas and oranges is by far the hottest thing out." :P
  3. Since LV stopped making them in June, you're not going to find one cheap. The new ones are selling at outrageous prices above retail and the used ones are selling at retail. Good luck on finding one. Eluxury still has the 30 but it's still $1600.
  4. I wouldn't mind have one myself but not for $1600. Do you think you can get them in LV boutique outside US and maybe the price a bit cheaper?
  5. Bananas & oranges! lol...just so happens that orange is my favorite color :smile:
  6. I think you might have a hard time finding them in the boutiques, and since they're not made anymore, the ones on eBay will most likely be priced higher than retail. How is the condition of the used one on eBay? I would figure out how much above retail you're willing to go for either a brand new one or slightly used one if you can't find one for the original retail price, then go from there.
  7. I have had luck getting almost sold out items from them at Saks in Hackensack, NJ, the LV store in Hackensack and ShortHills. Hackensack is a mall alot of people don't travel to. Crossing fingers for you.
  8. i was at the hackensack saks the other day and they don't seem to have it......and the louis vuitton store in that mall doesn't seem to have it anymore either.............but keep looking i love my speedy 25 cerises....:love:
  9. Hi everyone.

    Just want to give an update about the speedy 25. I finally decided to get it brand new. There is only one seller on ebay that sells brand new speedy 25. The seller on ebay wanted $1499 for the speedy 25 but i bargained it for $1400 including shipping.. ha ha :lol: I hope he'll accept. Its just $99 difference from his asking price. so i hope he'll take it.. :P
  10. Congrats on finding a new one! I hope the seller accepts your offer :biggrin:
  11. Jc...maybe we passed each other in the hall:amuse:
  12. don't post this again, next step you'll be banned.
  13. CONGRATS!!! was just gona say you can get one from Karen Kooper... well, the price wasnt too bad... enjoy!!!
  14. No Selling Here !
  15. I agree the cerises speedy from karen kooper is brand new with the plastics on the handles