LV Spectacle Case?

  1. Hi Hi. Some questions....

    Since spring/summer is coming soon (i hope.. unsure with all this rain activity. haha) and I might be getting some prescription sunglasses, I would need a case for my regular glasses.

    I saw in the 2004 Le Catalog, that they make a spectacle - eyeglass case? Two kinds actually.. anyone know any info on them, and how much? Are these still around? I've only seen one.. and it's the one with the flap. If it's decently priced I might get one later.

    ps: this site is so bad for me. lol. I can't save for my new car if I keep buying new LV. lol.:nuts:
  2. the eyeglass cases can actually be used as a clutch and come with an insert that'll turn then into a glasses case.......available in both plain monogram and the vernis

    plain monogram is $515

    and the vernis is $570
  3. yea... those are the psp cases no? a lil pricey.. i dont need hardware and i dont need to carry it like a clutch.. how many guys do you know that carry clutches anyway? haha.
  4. the psp case is something a little different.......looks the same but a little bulkier and rather than the nice koala clasp it has two snaps at either end (doesn't look nearly as nice)..........if you visit there're also a few plain glasses cases (one has a flap and one looks like a long fold wallet)....they're not nearly as nice but i'm sure a lot more reasonably priced but if you're really into sunglasses i think the clutch is totally cool with the strap removed

    oh and here's the PSP case ($330...much cheaper than the clutch)
  5. ohh... ok.. thanks. i think the regular one that looks like a wallet is fine.. thanks.
  6. lol i totally just searched elux for the heck of it, and they had the one with the flap available! $165. perfect price, and the flap is fine since it's a little more secure when it's in my bag. i'll have to put it on my want list. :smile: