lv special orders

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  1. i dreamt all last night about the bh that someone photoshopped in damier. do you think it could be ordered by lv or do they only special order certain things? and would it be a fortune? tia!
  2. Special Orders can be placed on items that have been out for at least a couple of years, usually take around six months and cost around thirty percent more. The BH can not be special ordered since it is new. I already inquired about that one. I would love it in Damier ya have good taste.:flowers:
  3. ah.... darn it! it was such a good dream too!
  4. Damier would look great.. even an epi version would be nice or vernis
  5. Oh my! I would LOVE the BH in Damier!
  6. Agreed, it would be one fabulous bag. Maybe they´ll think of it themselves..
  7. what can we do to convince them? man i want this bag! lol
  8. I've heard that special order speedies are only 10% more from 1-866-Vuitton...which I was on hold with like 20 minutes last night to get the prices of the fleurs de monogram ring and necklace, because I really want that necklace!
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