LV Sophie

  1. i love the sophie:yes:, other than Japan market carrying it, does anyone know if Hong Kong or Australia or Malaysia has it? and how much is it retailing at Japan/HK/Australia/M'sia, many thanks for your reply.
  2. Sorry, Its all sold out. But please use the search option and look for another thread about the Sophie because it may be coming out in Damier :flowers:
  3. its been sold out for a while but yea theres word of a damier sophie ! So i would ask your SA for any info on that.
  4. sad sad too bad its out of stock, thanks for the replies!
  5. Saw one on ebay US... approx US$1,000+
  6. ^WTH?! :wtf: That's crazily overpriced for a Sophie!
  7. I thought the mono sophie was getting a general release too and then later in the year the Damier sophie in selected locations only
  8. I also saw some outrageous prices on ebay.