LV Sophie...Limited and only available in Hawaii and Japan

  1. Was told this today by a Hawaiian management staffer at LV. I had thought it would be available on the mainland? Any other news??? It is a sweet bag!!!!!:confused1:
  2. I live in Oz and have asked and your info is correct as far as I can establish. My SA said that we are not getting it here and only for Hawaii and Japan, the others didn't know what I was talking about. I was disappointed as it was exactly what I was looking for with both the leather strap and chain strap.
  3. i just called a bazillion LV boutiques in and around nyc, which i would assume would be one of the first to get any sophies if they're released in the mainland. the consensus amongst the SAs seem to be the same:

    me: will you guys get the sophie in feb?
    SA:'s being released in feb, yes.
    me: but do you know whether your store will get it? or it's uncertain?
    SA: well...we should...but it's not for sure. we really don't have much information on it right now.
    me: so there's no waiting list or anything?
    SA: don't have anything on it. i would recommend calling us back in february to check.

    all of them put me on hold when i asked about it, sort of like "sophie? um...let me ask around" if they haven't really heard of it nor has anyone asked about it. weird. anyway, i only found one place that was like, yeah we're not sure whether we're getting it, but we're taking names for a waiting list anyway. so i put myself on there. kind of doubtful though. i also asked all of them whether they know if it's being released at ALL in the mainland, and all of them were like, it SHOULD but we're not sure at all. we have zero info.

    this is very sad!!!
  4. haaaaaaaaaaa.......too funny! just called one last LV boutique, and i asked if they were getting the sophie in feb. she replied, uhhh the sophie?? no that was actually discontinued. i was like what?! she added, yes, that was actually discontinued a while ago as a part of the monogram mini line, *giggle *giggle, like I'm a complete idiot..

    um, guess they really haven't heard much about the sophie we're all clamoring for here...:wtf:
  5. I hope my dream of buying a Sophie comes true. But after reading these posts I'm beginning to wonder.
  6. they said the same thing with the Recital bag and the Pandas. i wouldn't be surprised if they show up on other shores eventually :smile:
  7. is it easily accesible in hawaii or is there a waitlist there too?
  8. Really, I didn't know Recital was initially only available in Japan! Glad they decided to release it in the US that bag!
  9. yes, it was a special gift for the guests at the opening of the Omotesando flagship boutique a few years back. but those bore a special numbered leather label inside commemorating the event :yes:
  10. I think she was thinking of the anne-sophie
  11. what about other places outside the US like europe? anyone know?
  12. Ok...seems mainland LV doesn't have a clue...Looked on eBay and a few sellers said they were also limited to Hawaii and Japan and it appears that is where those sellers are. I've also looked on the LV website...nothing...:confused1:
  13. i love the sophie!
  14. It is listed under in Japan... Anyone read japanese?:confused1: :sad:
  15. Got to be somebody around here that reads Japanese...I could not pull up the Japanese LV site myself...anybody help us out??