LV sold me my Suhali Le Tal without Keys

  1. I knew this was the case, as this was why it was still in stock in Canada -- they say they will get them ordered for me, any idea how long it takes to get a clochette (key holder) and keys from France? The bag comes from the Bloor Toronto Store, but the Holts LV in Calgary ordered it from them for me -- I was told the Bloor store ordered it, then when I asked again the Calgary store said they need to order it from the Bloor store --- I just want to be sure I get it since its a brand new bag, one week old to me LOL -- any idea how long it might take to get such a piece, they couldn't tell me or how I should follow up on this LOL I want to be sure I get it.

    Once I was told by the Bloor St. store it was just one key that was missing and the clochette was on it when they had it in their hands - but when I got it it had none of that - the Banff store said they could give me a key LOL but it came with no clochette..or either key when I picked it up in Calgary

  2. i order a natural cowhide keybell i waited for a month becos it a spare part :tup:
  3. sorry I have no idea how long it would take but just wanted to say,
    WHAT A GORGEOUS BAG!!!! :drool::drool::drool: stunning!!!
  4. It will probley be here in a week.
  5. Oh, Vista, it is such a gorgeous bag..the colour is to die for!!!
  6. It shouldn't be too long, When my Millionaires were shipped without the wooden box and I complained they got it to me ASAP, same should go for you, its part of the main piece!
  7. They should get it pretty quick! Love that bag!
  8. love the bag, AND the rock on your right hand! :tup: I wasn't named Tiffany for nothin'! ;)
  9. Oh my gosh.. I would hope that they expedited parcelled it. That sounds so disorganized of them !
  10. OOOOoo... Love your bag! I am drooling all over my key board
  11. Just keep bugging them Tina...which reminds me...I asked for a replacement chain for my accordeon wallet and it's been over a month and I still haven't received it...
  12. I just want to be sure I get it since Geranium is a discontinued colour, it may be hard to get if I wait on this. I called the Bloor Store today which is where the bag originated and they are having their Leather Goods manager call me tomorrow, she's not in today - hopefully that will give me an idea where it stands.

    Karman : good idea to do followup, hope you get your replacement chain soon.
  13. Gosh, that color is so vibrant! Love it.
  14. I'm actually waiting for a clochette for my La talentueuse too cuz they messed up the heat stamping (along with the entire batch of orders from other customers)...
    It's been a month now for me...........
  15. I could be a while... I would call and make sure that they actually ordered it for you!