LV sold in US also made in US?

  1. What are the chances of getting a made in France piece when buying LV in US? Normally I only by LV from France (it's just this weird principle I have) but this time I might have to make an exception in order to get what I want. But if I get the item I want from there will that mean that I would have to settle for a made in USA one? I'm not sure whether I am prepared to make two compromises at once... :s:s
  2. As far as I know they also sell bags wich are made in France, but not alot
  3. i have four bags bought in the US. 3 made in france 1 made in the US.
  4. i think it may depend on which bag too... i see a lot of speedys sold in the US are made in the US as well.

    all my bags are Made in France, except one... and my cles are all Made in Spain
  5. Made in France bags are more rare in the US. I see mostly made in Spain or Made in USA. Some pieces are made everywhere so it depends on your luck and they may have a few made from different places of the same item. Other pieces however are only made in France so you will get a Made in France either way.
  6. What's wrong with LV that are made in USA? It's just a question hope no one gets offended. I think the quality is the same anyway.
  7. I don't think there is anything wrong with LV made in the US. I just prefer mine to be made in France. As I said I normally buy them only from France so buying something from somewhere else is already a big deal to me. I guess we all have our silly obsessions, right? :smile:
  8. Last 3 purses I bought were made in the USA. I felt less love for them and eventually sold them.
  9. I totally agree with you Helmi---I bought my first piece (just a simple pouchette) years ago in Paris and thought everything was made in France and then was so shocked :wtf: to see that my speedy was made in the US. I actually called customer service and they said that most of the more "popular" and "common" pieces (ie: speedy, bucket, papillion) are made in the US. Anyways, I always check now before buying! I guess since LV originated in France, its just a sentimental thing for me that they continue to make it there.
  10. I think a lot of the MC is made in the US. My first LV (about 7 years ago!!) was the pochette and I bought it in NY but it said made in the US. I bought an epi pochette and the recoleta shortly after but I don't know where those are made. I will check later. I bought all 3 at bloomie's.
  11. hmmm, out of all my LVs, only one is made in US, my mono speedy 25. I've bought most of my pieces here too.
  12. I have pieces from all 3 places (well 4, really since I have scarves and shoes made in Italy) and the quality is all the same to me.
  13. If it is such a big deal, I guess you can wait and buy one in France if one shows up there, or go without. Pretty simple choice. I suppose we are lucky that the US is cultured enough that we do not have to travel to other countries for our luxury items.:yes:

    By the way, if you did buy a "Made in France" bag in the US, how is it any different than buying one in France? They don't throw the bags into the ocean and wait for them to arrive on our shores.
  14. As a matter of fact, I might specifically ask in the future that I be given, if possible, LV bags made in the USA.:idea:
  15. I have 3 LV items that were all purchased in the US and they are all Made in France.