LV SoHo NYC - Next Friday

  1. Heads up - A batch of fall/winter show bags will be at the LV in SoHo in NYC next Friday, 7/20/07. If you're in the 'hood, you should drop in. Otherwise expect a full report and spy pics if I can work it. Luv (lvoe?) ya!
  2. YAY!

    Another spywork from our own member RESTRICTER.

    I would love to drop in if I can find a flight out of Tokyo, Ill come!
  3. Yay thank you.
  4. :nuts: :nuts::nuts:"Drop in"!? hahah, i LIVE like 3 blocks from there - I'm so there to see the new stuff. Is it women's only, or both?

  5. I was told it was the handbags and they were "on tour." I wonder if we can follow them, like people used to follow the Grateful Dead...
  6. Can't wait for spy pics!! :graucho:
  7. oh yo I am TOTALLY THERE!
  8. Darn! I'm only about 20 minutes away but I'll be on my way to South Carolina that day. I'll be looking forward to pics though :yes:
  9. What time shall we meet?,maybe I will go in to take a peak!,im due for a LV fix =]
  10. can't wait for the spy pics!!!
  11. I'm figuring on sneaking down around lunch time if we want to set up a meet. I do have to go back to my office in Times Square though so I can't linger.
  12. a meet would be cool! some of us could distract the SA's while someone snaps secret spy pics!
  13. One of could pretend to faint. Perfect distraction!
  14. GOD I would love to get another something from lv...but i spent most of my saved $$$ on a s/s bag, so im pretty much spent. but it could still be fun. lets say...11.45am? What do you think? Later?
  15. ohhhhhh......pleeeeeeez try to get some undercover shots of the new mirage and the black denims !! thanks !!