LV Soft Suede line?

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  1. Its the new louis vuitton onatah bag. I'm sure you can still get on the wait list as its pretty new it comes in yellow, orange, and chocolate brown. Good luck! i'm was on the list and i did get to see the bag in person but i turned it down as it is suede and it rains alot where i live so it would be hard for me to take care of. If you're good with your bags I would recommend you to get the one with the flowers, its alot nicer than the plain one with just the monogram.
  2. I like the ones w/the cut out flowers but they are expensive. Anyone know how much the perferated ones retail for? They have to be less since they don't have the cut outs and they aren't lined in leather.
  3. Thanks! Youre a star!
  4. Three sizes and prices are:
    small 855
    medium 1070
    large 1280
  5. [​IMG]

    I am in lust. Think white flowy linen summer dress, the new LV Capricieuse wedges in yellow and THIS^^. ahhh.