LV So Recognizable

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  1. I live in a small town and, until recently, nobody ever seemed to notice my LVs and the fact that I have so many.

    But suddenly in the last month I have had many comments about them. "Is that a real Louis Vuitton?" followed by shaking heads as if I am ridiculous for spending that kind of money. Both bags were damier (one ebene and one azur).

    I guess LVs are becoming more and more well known and people everywhere are recognizing them.

    All I usually say is "everyone likes to spend their money on something".
  2. Where do you live?
  3. The middle of nowhere... New Brunswick, Canada
  4. Haha
    Well people are catching up! 😜
  5. I've gotten compliments, but have never received any negative or judgemental comments like that. I am shocked by the lack of manners.
  6. The company is 100 years old. I think they are well known enough on their own. You can infer someone's feelings about how much you paid for your bag from that sentence?? Maybe they were impressed instead of thinking negatively about the cost.
    Seems like a lot of defensive posts lately about how others feel about the cost of a bag they didn't pay for.
    I don't buy or wear my handbags, shoes or fashion otherwise to impress others. I could care less if they like the style or know how much they costs. I would say don't entertain the question of someone asks if it is real.
  7. I live in "fashion hell"! People do recognize LV (mono) and Coach...other premium brands not so much.
  8. The comments are definitely judgmental, but not overly rude, somehow. It might be more just curiosity.
  9. I live in the South. In the 90's almost everyone had fake LV handbags here and they were everywhere. It made me hate seeing LV handbags....It was only last year that I came back to LV since I hardly ever see LV handbags here now. I get double takes and stares at my LV but people also stare at my Gucci Fendi and Prada handbags. I couldn't care less what they think of my handbags.
  10. Well at least all they do is talk. In the small town my parents live in the people like to touch as well, as if it's some sort of bag Jesus and touching the canvas will cure you of all your ills. I was caught off guard the first time, just standing in line at the bank when all of a sudden *poke poke*, I turn around and a middle-age women is touching my bag saying "I've never seen a real LV before" *poke poke poke*. Apparently that's somewhat 'normal' behaviour according to my mom and if it bothers me to just ask them to stop:hrmm:
  11. Oh my! I would be horrified if someone did that to me! I guess I should consider myself lucky :smile:
  12. :biggrin: that's s so funny!!!! Do you mind giving us a general idea of where in the world this small town is? At least they aren't rubbing it for healing powers. ;)
  13. In Alberta, Canada. It's a small town that supports the oil industry and a military base (the closest LV is over 2 1/2 hours away) and most of the women there think that Coach is the greatest thing since underwear. To my knowledge my mom is the only person there who owns and wears LV...there aren't even any fakes either!
  14. Lol! That is very funny! I live in the UK and can't imagine anyone *poking* my bag!! Don't know what I would do.... Used to the tut tutting though.... Unfortunately mostly from my Mum.... Wish I could get her to love LV but she is a bargain hunter and as LV do not go in to sale I guess I am fighting a losing battle...
  15. Lol!!! "Bag Jesus"...good one!