LV Sneakers

  1. Hi. Does anyone here own a pair of LV sneakers? I am interested in the quality and comfort of them. I saw a pair in the Damier pattern but I've never spent more than $160 on a pair of sneakers and those were Nike Air Max 360s. I'm wondering if I should just stick to a LV moccassin or some sort of sandal to match my new speedy. I like to match my bags with shoes.
  2. I think you should get some sort of sandals (unless you get two pairs of shoes ;) ) since sandals can usually be dressed up or down depending on your outfit. Also since the speedy is a multifunctional bag, sneakers will restrict your outfit.
  3. I saw the sneakers the other day but I'm not very convinced... IMHO, you'll look too "heavy" on Damier patern with a bag and those shoes... I haven't seen any sandal in Damier but I think that would be a better option...
  4. I had a "matching" problem too! (i.e. mini mono pumps with the bag...) but I sort of got over that now. My friend has a pair of mini mono sneakers and said they were pretty comfy, but I never really liked the LV sneakers. If you're looking for nice brown designed sneakers to match your speedy, I'd recommend Guccis... their designs are more slender that make your feet not look gigantic! ;) Here are a picture of the sneakers I have (far right). I also like their sneakers that have the leather trimming (mine are suede) with velcro closure snap thingys.
  5. I think I'll pass on the LV sneakers. I wore some light and dark tan no-name sandals with the bag yesterday. Since the bag is new the shoes matched perfectly color wise. Once it patinas, those sandals will no longer match. I think I'll just get a nice dark brown brown leather sandal by cole haan or MKors if I don't find one by LV. I love those gucci sneakers Jeannie.
  6. [​IMG]
    This is the Suhari for $700. Only if i have the money to buy it. It's not too obvious like Damier or denim.
  7. i prefere gucci sneakers, i think they have a better style (obviously the black one with straps, i'm no fan of showing off the monogram)
  8. I have these and they are very comfortable:

  9. I like those but I couldn't justify spending $700 for them.:worried: The style looks no different than a $110 Coach Sneaker. I guess its the name that makes them so expensive. I was wondering if theree was some special comfort feature to them, but I guess not. I'm sure the craftmanship is excellent but so are a lot of other designers.
  10. ^^^agree
  11. $700 for a pair of sneakers , I'll pass
  12. The sneakers are cute!!!!
    EVEN if I had $700 to spare, I still WOULDN'T drop that much money
    on a pair of sneakers...I just couldn't do it :smile:
  13. ^^ I like them, but I've only seen one person wearing them and it was a guy. :worried:
  14. I wanted a pair of LV shoes for $470+ tax but I'd probably be too paranoid about stepping on something bad. Also, I'm still trying to get the thought into my head about spending so much on someting thats going to be stepping on the floor.