LV Sneakers - Summer vs F/W

  1. - I love these and saw that a fall version as a leather / satin combination - looks like the black will be in satin -.. so I wanted to be sure I could get an all leather pair in case these go away .. : so I just ordered a pair of the s/s ones from my SA today:

    I looked on the LV site and eLuxury only for reference since I can't order from there - just wondering if anyone saw anything not yet listed on the site that's coming out that I may want to wait for instead LOL .. but I do love these and probably will just keep them anyway :smile:... wow LV has so many great sneakers .. you just do a search "sneakers" on their site and TONS come up! I love my Speeding Mono sneakers and these look the same basic construction.

    What sneakers, if any, do you have/want to get this year?
  2. These sneakers are very comfortable. I have them in white and pink and azur damier.

    I went to the f/w shoe preview and for the life of me, I can't remember what any of the sneakers looked like except the the ones with the groisgrain ribbon, I think those are on elux right now.

    I have a feeling nothing else is springing to mind, because I didn't like anything else, kwim?
  3. Here is the Lesile, the one I was talking about.

  4. I like the picture of that one too ! The white with pink must look wonderful, I saw them up on eLux a while ago, bet you love them :smile: .. I'm just to scared to get white. Maybe I will for next summer .. I could go for the Azur ones next I think - do you wear the Azur ones and carry an azur bag? I bet that would look teriffic !! Thanks for your input, Twinkle Tink :smile:
  5. Both my mother and I own a pair of the denim footing sneakers. They'e really comfortable. I'd like to get a pair of the pink and white sneakers before they're discontinued. I'm just hoping that they'll match my marshmallow Houston.
  6. I tend to go for more co-ordinated, rather than 'matchy-matchy'...kwim?
  7. I have the monogram one.

    I think it's F/W, but I'm not sure.
  8. I agree, it's the best way to avoid looking ridiculously over branded or tackey. Allthough azur sneakers with azur bag might work.
  9. I posted all the shoes and boots in the summary thread I don't remember what page but it was before page 65, I took them from the LV site (UK version) I've also seen a mini shoe book for the SA's as referance and I don't think there was really anything in it that is not on the site already maybe a couple of pair but no sneekers
  10. ^^
    All of the men's shoes from that book are not up yet on the web, so I think there may be more to come. ;) Not sure about sneakers though as I'm not really interested in them atm
  11. I should get them this week :smile: and while I was at Holts browsing this week I added some Gucci ones to my PSN list LOL I'll have quite a stock of designer sneakers now, since I have the mono ones, and have a Versace pair I LOVE .. on my wish list are a few others.. Pradas and MORE LV .. gotta get those Azur lol. and maybe I'll find some Etro on my trip to Europe coming up.
  12. I love them!!! Now to figure out what to wear on my feet with them to look best :smile: .. any suggestions on what colour socks ROFL - I wish LV would make socks -- after my first shoe purchase at an LV in Houston, a few days later I walked in thought maybe they made some lovely socks with monos on them or something and was told "Louis Vuitton does not make socks" in a attitude voice LOL --- they really should come out with some great socks -- heres some pics of my shoes:
    BlackSneakersFeet.jpg VistaShoes.jpg VistaShoesSoles.jpg
  13. I posted in your other thread but I gotta post here too...Love the noumea sneakers! I like how its not covered with logos, just the hot script Louis Vuitton and the big fleur...
  14. They are all really cute!
  15. I wore these to a wedding this weekend and yes ladies -- they are a GREAT alternative to heels when you need to look marvelous, I had so many compliments! As the evening progressed, and while so many people were complaining about their sore feet, removing their shoes, etc. throughout the event, I got even more compliments LOL -- I wore a white blouse and long black skirt, and my LV sneakers -- I ROCKED them !!! LOLOL

    I bought several socks btw, but I chose to wear some short black with subtle dark grey stripe ones folded at the top over shimmering knee-highs.