LV sneaker - shoe size question

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  1. Hello Ladies :smile:
    I'm currently eying some pair of sneakers. I usually wear the European size 38 (American size: 8 / English size: 5). Now I have a question for those who already own shoes or even sneakers of LV: Do they run true to size or do they run small/large? Do you think I can't go wrong with trying on size 38 and 38,5 in store?
    Thank you in advance for your answer :smile:
  2. I’m size 36 EU and I bought a pair of front rows online in 35.5 and it was still slightly too big! Hopefully this helps :smile:
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  3. I would definitely try them on if you are able to. I own a leather pair of front row sneakers and I purchased 37, a canvas pair of front row sneakers I purchased 37.5, the Stella sneaker which are canvas I purchased 37 and the Stella sneaker boot which is leather I purchased 37.5. I should also mention my foot is on the wider side.
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  4. Thanks, Ladies! :smile:
    So you would agree that some shoes don't really fit true to your size?
  5. I tried on the Front Row sneakers yesterday and those were true to size. I did find them a tad narrow though. I tried a different style sneaker (not sure of the name) and they were snug. I would have had to size up but the store did not have it.

    Some styles will fit true to size, and other styles you may need to size up.
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  6. Thanks a lot for your answer! :smile:
  7. Some of the sneakers are narrower then others that’s why I suggest if you are able to try on a pair that would be best. My CA also told me that the leather version will stretch a bit with use and they did, the canvas ones not at all but I haven’t worn them often enough.
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  8. I have frontrow and they're very almost true to size, a tiny bit big, but comfortable. I'm a 41.5 in Jimmy Choo and take a 41 in LV
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  9. I have the white crocodile textured front row, usually wear an 8 in Nike sneakers but 7 1/2 fit perfect, I like not having to tie the laces, as they are narrow. The only ehhh about them is the heel is pretty stiff, so if you walk around all day in them it tends to rub. I’m hoping it softens with time. I love them.
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  10. I had the problem with the heel. I wore them to walk around Barcelona for a full weekend, bad idea at the time as the blisters were awful :sick: but now they feel like slippers, so so comfy
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  11. I sized down a full size with the Runaway trainers. They are snug but going only a half size down just wasn’t enough. I’d definitely try on before buying.
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  12. Thank you so much, ladies :smile: We will see in two weeks when I drive to the next store. Looking forward to it :smile: