LV Small Loop Purse


oui, Louis!
May 15, 2006
Canberra, Australia
Sorry to hear your bag has problems.

Given that this is coated canvas, I wonder if the leather cleaner and polish caused problems. Treating it "At least once a month" is a lot! Could be with time the cleaner deteriorated the plastic coating on the canvas.

The canvas part of a monogram bag does not need any treatment at all (well perhaps a damp washcloth now and then to clean off any spills, etc.).
my thoughts exactly :yes: i really don't see why people have to condition their bags as such. they're perfect since the day they leave the workshops. so before anybody trashes LV again for inferior or declining quality... think again. im even surprised LV agreed to repair it.


Surprisingly Content
May 14, 2006
This is not uncommon. My bf's damier wallet did this within the first year of owning it - we sent it for repair, and within 6 months it began doing it again - and within 2 years of owning the wallet the canvas began to crack near the splits. He got 2 years of use out of a $350.00 wallet. His belt the same - it's about a year and a half old and the canvas has cracked. My koala wallet did the same thing (mono) after owning it 8 months. I brought it in and they gave me a new one. Within 6 months the new one began splitting. This is why I stopped buying LV. I'm good with the pieces I own, but I can't justify their prices for the quality. I love the pieces I own, but I haven't bought a new piece in a year now - and don't plan to really, ever again. :s